Monday, 19 August 2013

celebrating five years of decorative stamp

how time races by indeed, and how strange a path it is. still, with a dear gladness in our hearts we can indeed reveal that decorative stamp is now celebrating its fifth year of existence. although we do not have an official birth date for this curious enterprise, we can safely say that by these summer moons we are very definitely celebrating such a milestone on the path.

so, might we simply extend a wildly-vast thank you to every single one of you who has helped us along our merry way, whether it be helping to book a show or being in attendance at a show, offering to help sell our releases or graciously purchasing them, saying a kind word or two, letting us sleep on your floors, generally showing enthusiasm in the direction of our antics, be it words between friends or lines on blogs and web pages... we are truly grateful indeed.

we shall naturally be endevouring to mark the occasion by sharing with you all as many undiscovered treats from the archives that we can lay our hands on, perhaps a few exclusive lost tracks and the like, perhaps even some small interviews with some of our merry bunch. so, please do keep your eyes open for some unexpected delights in the coming weeks, and please do help us continue to spread the word as far and wide as possible.

all the love

the decorative stamp family

Monday, 5 August 2013

jamesreindeer - landscape eternal - out now

might we gladly present landscape eternal, the second spoken-word release from our very own commander-in-chief jamesreindeer. collecting together sixteen pieces, woven seamlessly together as a whole, jamesreindeer takes us on a brief journey through distant lands, evoking moods of eerie unease and foreboding amidst a psychedelic landscape of strange sights and sounds. 

the release also contains a twenty-minute ambient soundpiece to accompany the spoken-word selections, to be used in conjunction with the words or as its own separate entity. a darkened drone-piece that crackles and moans under its own weight, and certainly a fitting companion to the ominous lines. now available for digital download and as an ultra-limited edition hand-crafed cd. get involved.

keep safe

decorative stamp

Monday, 24 June 2013

home - at the cost of everything we continue

gentle readers. might we boldly take this moment to draw your attention to this splendid new acoustic performance from our very own home, in celebration of the release of his astonishing sophomore release 'word' right here on the decorative stamp.

whisking us away for two beautiful minutes, home offers us a stellar performance of the tragically beautiful 'at the cost of everything we continue' for our viewing and listening pleasure. please do be sure to have yourselves repeated viewings as it is something so very special indeed.

take care

decorative stamp

Monday, 17 June 2013

home - word - out now

gladly, we can at last reveal the new sophomore solo release from the staggeringly talented home of san francisco supergroup papervehicle, the cleaver league familia and the guild. entitled 'word' and containing ten more stunning songs taking us on further fascinating journeys into the world of home's creative vision, the new release is another revelatory delight indeed.

available as a limited edition enhanced CD release, handcrafted by the man himself, containing an eight page booklet featuring beautiful photography by home himself and stunning visual work by the magnificent satellites and chandeliers, as well as digital download; please do be sure to seriously think about securing yourself a copy, as soon as time and funds permit. 

Monday, 27 May 2013

home - bon tempe - the video

ladies and gentlemen, after much top-secret behind-the-scenes activity, might we at last reveal the astonishing new video from our very own home, entitled 'bon tempe' and taken from his forthcoming sophomore release 'word', coming 17th june on decorative stamp as a limited-edition hand-crafted cd and digital download.

created in collaboration with the newly-birthed and already mighty satellites and chandeliers, aka mildew of papervehicle fame, aka reymundo perez iii of solo-art-astonishments fame, the video is truly a delight to behold indeed. still, how this new musical glimpse into home's latest creative endevours, featuring final-fingers by edison, can truly only whet the appetite for what is truly a wonderful new release. get involved.

keep safe / 667

decorative stamp

Monday, 11 March 2013

welcoming dyxz

ladies and gentlemen, which much fanfare and ominous portent might we reveal to you the newest dear member of the decorative stamp; the one and only dyxz of the almighty skribble family and all-star skribble dj-team. already long-term collaborator and friend of the stamp, it gives us much honour to now officially welcome him into the fold to celebrate his own exceptional producer project.

might we tentatively reveal that much is in the works, and how the coming seasons shall bear witness to a raft on sinister materials, most-notably perhaps; a soon to be released EP in collaboration with our very own jamesreindeer, as well as a forthcoming, heavily-cloaked throne burner collaboration too. be sure to 'like' dyxz on facebook, 'follow' him on soundcloud and bathe in the oncoming terror.

take care

decorative stamp

Monday, 4 March 2013

dyxz.rndr - european tour - now booking

gentle readers, might we take this moment to announce what shall surely become a legendary tale of occult proportions, and reveal the twin powers of the almighty dyxz of the skribble family and our very own field commander jamesreindeer will be darkening doors all across europe as they begin booking shows for their first collaboratory tour together, having uttered their first blackened drones in unison at the shiny toys festival in the ruhrgebiet last autumn.

no territories should consider themselves safe as contacts are being made to spread their sinister tones as far and wide across the lands of the old world as possible. be sure to expect the gambit of their expertise; spanning their own joint musical endevours, solo works from reindeer and the unrelenting dj prowess of dyxz himself. be sure to find yourself in attendance at the performance nearest your town, and please, if you can, help them to make sure there will be a performance near your town too.

the darkening awaits

keep safe

decorative stamp

Thursday, 28 February 2013

nocturnal were our ethereal ancestors

with much excitement might we finally announce that decorative stamp is now officially on mixcloud, with a view to using it to present to you exclusive mixes from our own individual family members, as well as decorative stamp-related broadcasts, live performances, rare materials and a wealth of other content besides.

so, might we set the ball rolling with an exclusive mix from our very own field commander jamesreindeer, entitled 'nocturnal were our ethereal ancestors - volume one' and taking us on a mesmerising, psychedelic journey into lands laden with doom/jazz/drone tones, seamlessly melded together and layered with beautifully-disorientating field and dialogue recordings.

be sure to have yourself repeated listening, be sure to bookmark the decorative stamp mixcloud page, be sure to spread the word, and please do very much let yourself look forward to great swathes of exciting, interesting, fascinating and entertaining musical treats across the coming moons.

keep safe

decorative stamp

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

mesparrow - the symphony - revisited

gentle readers, might we divert your attention briefly towards this wonderful, newly-captured live version of our most dearest mesparrow performing 'the symphony' exclusively for madmoizelle.

taken from her forthcoming debut album 'keep this moment alive', arriving next month via east west records, be sure to enjoy repeated viewings and anticipating the imminent release date.

keep warm

decorative stamp

Monday, 25 February 2013

LAskA - debut EP - out now

with much fanfare and jubilation, might we excitedly present to you the debut EP release from our latest dear family members LAskA, now available for free download via decorative stamp and direct from LAskA themselves.

expect three tracks of sublime sounds where shoegaze meets electronica meets pop. beautifully intertwined shared-lead vocals, rich warm guitar and synthesis tones and perfectly crisp drum loops combine to transport us into a dream-like world of beautiful enchantment. get involved.

take care

decorative stamp