Tuesday, 28 June 2011

the guild we hold close - back in stock

due to limited quantities and the complexity of smuggling items outside texas state borders, we are, regrettably, only ever able to hold small amounts of the mighty '667' ep from babel fishh & edison. gladly, a new package arrived intact at the gut city safehouse, and we can now announce ten more copies are available for sale as we speak.

lovingly hand-made by the ferocious babel fishh himself, the ep is a beautifully packaged item indeed. replete with full lyrics inserts, scribblings, found imagery and the like, not to mention a shiny disc containing six unrelenting songs of spiralling psychedelic chew-fest madness over beats heavier than the age of steam.

667 . decorative stamp

Friday, 24 June 2011

evak & edison - 00 [cuban linx] - the video

ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, might we over-excitedly present the brand new video from evak & edison, entitled '00 [cuban linx]' and taken from their ep release on decorative stamp, the mighty 'six pack o' death'.

shot and cut together by the mighty evak himself, the video is an awkward spyhole into the world of the man himself, a fleeting glimpse of life under the texas sun. be sure to find some moments to enjoy it, and then be sure to order yourself a copy of the ep, if the opportunity has thusfar escaped you.

667 til the gravesite

Monday, 20 June 2011

visitor - album coming soon

it is with a great sense of proudness we can gladly announce that, after much covert communications between himself and jamesreindeer, the mighty visitor, direct from the 667-cleaver league, will be releasing his latest opus right here on decorative stamp.

entitled 'order lost' and featuring nineteen songs of spiralling, warm psychedelic tones, the album is awash with wonderful musical and lyrical turns, featuring the staggering production and vocal tones of visitor himself, along with a vertiable flotila of marvelous guest-spots.

a tentative date for a digital release has been set for 4th july, so do be sure to find yourself poised in a position to make a purchase two weeks from today. til then, have yourself a steady look at the marvelous album art and tracklisting over at our online shop right now.

keep safe. be well

decorative stamp

Sunday, 12 June 2011

welcoming Þverfellshorn

finally, after much long behind-the-scenes discussion, might we now officially announce the news that the mighty Þverfellshorn [thverfellshorn], solo project of luke payne from the incredible wild dogs in winter, is now part of the decorative stamp family. it has arguably been on the cards for some time, and how we are now thusly making this information entirely official.

whilst wild dogs in winter span the fragile distances between post-rock, shoegaze and electronica, Þverfellshorn is an even more gentle excursion into where the music falls away into beautiful tender, droning slumbers. warm synths meet hypnotic guitars as distant voices and field recordings merge together to create such dream-like passages.

should you not already be familiar with wild dogs in winter or Þverfellshorn, be sure to click on the hyperlinks to wander off onto a brief journey of discovery via their online sites, and to whet the appetite for the upcoming decorative stamp release, be sure to download yourself a free copy of the first Þverfellshorn ep, entitled 'bedroom recordings', right here.

onwards and upwards then

be well

decorative stamp

Þverfellshorn on facebook, myspace, bandcamp

wild dogs in winter on facebook, myspace, bandcamp

Thursday, 2 June 2011

edison - dehydrated water

while not a decorative stamp release, we simply must implore you to fix yourself a free download of the new five song ep from our very own edison, available now at 900bats. do not hesitate to grab your very own digital copy, you shall not be disappointed.

entitled 'dehydrated water' and featuring a staggering series of compositions, described thusly by the big man himself: “i guess the only thing to say about it… is it was all made this week… and each beat has a snippet of random old horror radio broadcasts… sting nuts!” ...get involved, and fast... 667 forever.

decorative stamp

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

a band of buriers - stuffing a chest with twigs

excitingly, might we present yet another stunning video from the band of buriers, this time taken from a psychedelic night on the chew and howl tour, somewhere in remotest rural france.

entitled 'stuffing a chest with twigs' and showcasing their ever-more developed and refined sound, whilst also featuring a rousing choir... tis another exceptional piece indeed. get involved

decorative stamp