Monday, 28 November 2011

667 ep - back in stock once more

splendidly, we can gladly announce that a further shipment of 667 ep's has managed to find their way across texas state lines and have arrived safely at the decorative stamp compound. fifteen more units of the epic collaboration between the legends that are babel fishh and edison are now available to order from the decorative stamp online store.

still, compelled with the need to emplore to you how staggeringly essential this release is, you simply must listen in, and immediately fix yourself a copy of one of these beautiful hand-crafted monsters, and did you see the video to 'silver city [morning hunt]' yet?

stay 667

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Sunday, 27 November 2011

AbSUrd. interview at dead magazine

gentle readers, might we take this slow wintry evening to draw your attention towards the wonderfully illuminating interview between our highly-cherished AbSUrd and the splendid Michael Öhrnberg for dead magazine. filled with much insight, brimming with facts and hinting ever into the future, it is surely something of great interest to one and all.

be sure to have an extensive read right here, not to mention having a wander past AbSUrd's own website and facebook page, and do be sure to think about picking up a copy of his astonishing debut album 'close to distantly' on decorative stamp right here, or here. get involved.

keep safe and warm

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Monday, 21 November 2011

iron filings - almost sold out

dearest readers. might we be sold bold as to alert your attention to the fact that the super-limited-edition cd release of the highly-praised iron filings and sellotape album is almost sold out. only four copies remain, so if you've been thinking about securing one for yourself, then the time is certainly now.

in truth, the popularity and enthusiasm surrounding this project has somewhat taken us off-guard. there has been some talk between decorative stamp hq and the iron filings compound as to whether a second edition might be released, but this is still very much up in the air. so, to be sure, get involved directly.

keep safe and warm

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Thursday, 10 November 2011

a band of burers - new video

should you have missed out thusfar; we're a bit slow on the uptake ourselves here at decorative stamp central, but be sure to check out the latest video from our very own band of buriers, entitled 'we all give in [tupac]'.

never content to sit still for any measurable amount of time, the buriers torment us again with another darkly-hued folk-rap murder-ballad. be sure to keep an eye out for further talk of their forthcoming album over the coming moons.

keep safe

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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

pumpernickle - short round - out now

gentle readers. might we most jubilantly announce, albeit a day belatedly, the astoundingly wonderful new release from the mighty pumpernickle. entitled 'short round', it is a marvelous collection of ten songs in almost as many minutes, throwing us deep back into the enchanting world that filkoe, oskar ohlson and winterismyname create together.

the release is now available as a beautiful hand-crafted cd, replete with glorious full-colour artwork, full lyrics sheet and two splendid stickers, or alternatively as a charmingly convenient digital download. be sure to fix yourself a copy directly and only from the amazingly wonderful knertz collective. get involved. 1-2-3!

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