Monday, 26 September 2011

close to distantly - out now

finally, after what seems like a series of lifetimes, we can at last announce that the astonishing debut album from AbSUrd is at last upon us and now available to order from the decorative stamp online store, as well as direct from AbSUrd himself. entitled 'close to distantly' it is a veritable tour-de-force showcasing astonishing production alongside unrelenting vocal displays.

spiralling psychedelically across seventeen songs, taking in a myriad of tones and hues, the album is truly beautiful indeed, and now available as a wonderful limited-edition hand-crafted gatefold cd, prepared by AbSUrd himself, as well as a splendid digital download package... be sure to get involved at the first possible opportunity.

keep safe

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Monday, 19 September 2011

welcoming a native hundred

dearest, gentle listeners. again, we are taking the bold steps of expanding the glorious team of wonderful folk who make up the esteemed artists within our collective. this time, we can gleefully announce that we are welcoming the astonishingly beautiful solo project from the masterful rhys jon baker of wild dogs in winter fame, who records and performs his own dazzlingly melancholic material under the name a native hundred.

fans of wild dogs in winter, and indeed our very own thverfellshorn, should have a decent inkling of what to expect. but, for those of you not yet in the know, do keenly anticipate a beautifully fragile world where post-rock meets shoegaze meets folk, all the while bolstered by incredibly affecting lyrics delivered in the most sombre of tones. magically sad and saturnine songs, tinged with effortless moments of tender hope and liberal sprinklings of wry humour.
without wishing to give too much away at this stage, we still feel more than willing to announce that a glorious release is already very much on its way, as shall be a host of live dates on the horizon. till then, to whet the appetite as always, do have repeated listens of the tragically beautiful 'bear trap' as a very accurate indication of what is to come. in the meantime, be sure to like the facebook page and keep poised for forthcoming developments as the winter slowly sets in around us.

keep safe and warm

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Friday, 16 September 2011

coffin cutters - elaborate demise

finally, in our celebration of the moving image this week, we are rather delighted to preview for the first time a recently unearthed film of jamesphoney & jamesreindeer performing the coffin cutters track elaborate demise.

shot sometime circa the middle of june 2010, the film exists as perhaps the final james & james document of their two-year reign of chewing terror. still, without wishing to give anything away at this stage, do know that there is some clandestine talk james & james shall rise again!

keep safe

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Thursday, 15 September 2011

babel fishh & tenshun - arm in a grinding wheel

continuing along with our celebration of the moving image, our next stop takes us to sunny texas, and our very own chewing mercenary babel fishh, abosolutely murdering an impossibly horrific beat by the near-legendary tenshun.

taken from their upcoming double 7" release on ooohh that's heavy and mism records, the song is a very clear indication that all is continually perfectly unwell in the 667 camp. expect brutal beats and brutal rhymes. get involved.

take care

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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

bill van cutten - something in the way

along with news of the astonishing album from AbSUrd, we are also celebrating the moving image here at decorative stamp this week. yesterday saw the premier of the new video from a band of buriers, and today see's the all-new video from the masterful bill van cutten.

covering the massively influencial 'something in the way', bill van cutten launches a beautiful audio-visual explosion in our direction. darkly-electronic muted psychedelic tones in waves. be sure to watch and watch again... and stay poised for the next episode in our week of moving images.

take care

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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

a band of buriers - filth - tour & video

gentle readers, listeners and viewers. gladly we can announce two exciting developments within the band of buriers camp, both to be filed under the heading of 'filth'. much is afoot indeed.

firstly do have a view of the brand new music video from our splendid troupe of travelling bards. see the buriers marching mournfully through woodlands to the tune of their latest murder ballad.

secondly, be prepared to venture out into the autumn night, in order to catch the buriers on their latest european tour, taking in a host of shows as they spend the next few weeks spreading their musical strangeness far and wide.

so, much is happening indeed... and how there is yet much more on the horizon. keep your eyes and ears pealed for even more developments as the slow winter dark keenly approaches.

keep safe and warm

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Monday, 12 September 2011

close to distantly - coming soon

ladies and gentlemen. it is with much jubilation that we can at last officially announce the debut album from our most highly treasured AbSUrd shall be upon us in but a couple of weeks time. entitled 'close to distantly', it shall be available as a limited edition cd and download, direct from the decorative stamp.

spanning seventeen songs, and taking us on a ritualistic, psychedelic voyage into the unknown, the album is a tour-de-force of the mechanical-yet-organic, the surreal-yet-affecting, the dark-yet-warming, and features a whole host of guest vocal and musical appearances.

as of today, the album is now available to stream in its entirety from within our online store, in order to let you whet your appetites in anticipation of being able to secure your own personal copies when the 26th september release date rolls around... get involved!

keep safe

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Monday, 5 September 2011

book of marion - out now

finally, the wait is at last over. the staggering 'book of marion' album from james p honey & joel siméus is at last upon us, and now available as a highly-limited beautiful coloured vinyl edition from the mighty planck length records.

comprised of two sprawling psychedelic-electronic compositions totalling 30+ minutes of music, the album is a tour-de-force of joel's trademark production coupled with james' trademark wit and lyrical prowess.

be sure to order yourself a copy directly, only 250 copies are being made available

keep safe . be well

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