Friday, 29 June 2012

welcoming bill van cutten

gentle readers. perhaps it should come as no surprise whatsoever, as he is already deeply embedded within the decorative stamp family as one half of our very own radio disorder and one quarter of our very own sold out cyclone, but might we take this opportunity to gladly announce that bill van cutten is now officially a part of the decorative stamp family in a solo capacity.

by now you should already be aware of the supergroup that is sold out cyclone, featuring both jamie romain and james p honey from a band of buriers, the soon to be superstar mesparrow and sir bill van cutten himself, whose debut release 'dreamers are insomniacs' quickly sold out from the decorative stamp online store.

we imagine that you might also have had the opportunity to savour the wonderful sounds of the staggeringly beautiful 'unflowers' album from radio disorder in all its majestic waves of saturating glory, not to mention the very, very awesome video for the 'pressure' single.

so might we now suggest that you poise yourself in anticipation for a very special re-issue of his majestic 'depraved milk' album, as well as the publication of his first astonishing book of artwork. til then, be sure to check out more of his works and stay tuned for updates.

keep safe

decorative stamp

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

a native hundred - laughing gear

gentle readers. might we briefly draw your attention towards this wonderful, brand new song from our very own a native hundred, entitled 'laughing gear', and now streaming for your listening pleasure.

something of a 'demo' but displaying a beautifully realised piece indeed. have yourself a listen and anticipate more news across the coming moons, there are a few splendid other treats currently in the pipeline.

and, should you still be without the magnificent debut album from a native hundred, entitled 'down to your hairs', might we strongly recommend fixing yourself a copy from the decorative stamp online store.

keep safe

decorative stamp

Sunday, 24 June 2012

a distant place - feat. the poetry of jamesreindeer

gentle readers. might we stop to announce a really nice piece for your listening pleasure, something beautifully soothing for the ongoing summer months perhaps. the very splendid souls at folk radio uk have seen fit to assemble a mix of songs inspired by the 'shallow pools' spoken word release by our very own jamesreindeer, which you can read more about right here.

an hour's worth of glorious folk music, inter-cut with excerpts from the 'shallow pools', featuring beautiful works from a host of artists including our very own band of buriers, not to mention the near-legendary meg baird, amongst a wealth of others. be sure to listen in, it is something rather wonderful indeed.

keep safe

decorative stamp

Monday, 18 June 2012

prison soup - out now

gentle readers. with great gladness we can announce that the prison soup collaboration between our very dear babel fishh and evak is now available to order in the decorative stamp online store as both a limited edition cassette tape of just one hundred copies and for digital download.

nine songs, seamlessly woven together over thirty minutes, providing us with a powerful glimpse into the mind of two of the cleaver leagues most fascinating characters, prison soup also features guest spots from the mighty jamie romain of a band of buriers and the majestic perseph one. get involved and secure yourself a copy directly.

keep 667

decorative stamp

Friday, 15 June 2012

prison soup - coming this monday

gentle readers. with bold urgency, might we announce to you decorative stamp number twenty-three. a highly limited cassette tape and digital download from our very own 667 guild members babel fishh & evak, entitled 'prison soup' and featuring a host of staggering new compositions for your bewildered listening pleasure.

constructed in a remote location near dickinson, texas, and completed over a two-week period, the cassette contains nine spiralling songs, taking in a full half an hour of mesmering, chaotic, powerful, disorientating, driving sounds and words that wrap the listener up into an unforgettably hallucinatory experience.

hand-crafted by babel fishh himself, the cassette is a thing of beauty indeed, and shall be available as a limited edition of just one hundred copies, be sure to think about securing yourself a copy as quickly as you can. til then, enjoy the marvel that is the sound of 'no coast is clear'. get involved.


decorative stamp

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

interview with evak

very happily we can share the fact that our very own masterful evak has been interviewed over at the mighty beats, breaks & big smiles blog, and how you can read the whole thing in full right here. a marvelously informative piece indeed, and one that sheds new light on the facts in the case of the cleaver league stalwart that is flynn donovan.

might we also take this opportunity to hint that this coming monday shall see a brand new release right here on the stamp from the man himself, alongside another 667 luminary in the form of the mighty babel fishh. that's right folks, all new fishh & evak coming next week... stay tuned for more details shortly...

Monday, 11 June 2012

amidst the grease and chaos - second edition - out now

twenty tracks taking us on a spiralling, hallucinatory journey through waves of field recordings, found sounds, tape-loops, psychedelic melodies and distorted drum-loops, the album is something of an epic experience to say the least.

featuring all-new album artwork, the re-release is a thing of hand-crafted beauty indeed, whilst still containing the same staggering collection of sound-pieces which made it such a success in the first place. be sure to think about fixing yourself a copy directly.

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Monday, 4 June 2012

iron filings and sellotape - re-release coming next week

ladies and gentlemen. with great enthusiasm and excitement we can announce that, this time next week, we shall be re-releasing the highly-acclaimed debut album from our very own iron filings and sellotape as a further limited edition of just fifty hand-crafted copies, featuring entirely new artwork designed in collaboration with raindrop watchers.

already heralded as something of a classic, including being voted as 'album on the month august 2011' by, and making  a lot of 'end of year lists' for 2011, we strongly suggest that you think about securing yourself a copy as soon as next monday rolls around, as we are anticipating that they shalln't be available for too long. get involved!

keep safe

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