Monday, 29 August 2011

book of marion - coming soon

exact details are still a little light on the ground, but might we tentatively announce that the world shall soon witness the arrival of the radically astonishing 'book of marion' release from our very own james p honey, working alongside long-time collaborator and production legend joel siméus.

'book of marion' is a two song, 30+ minute epic, possibly best described as an unofficial sequel to the 'rough tongue surfaces' album, the only difference being that, this time, jamesreindeer is operating strictly behind the boards, having guided the album through the mixing stage.

soon available as a highly-limited edition 12" vinyl, in a shockingly attractive hue of deepest blue, on the marvelous underground bastion that is england's own planck length records. be sure to keep your eyes pealed for an imminent announcement.

keep safe

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