Monday, 24 September 2012

throne burner - sky burial - out now

finally, with utmost trepidation, might we unveil the astonishing début single from our most sinister throne burner. a two-song tour-de-force into the darkest realms where alt-rap meets doom, grind and black metal influenced psychedelic invocations. 

throne burner have unleashed a grisly and forceful first wave of material into the world, bridging the caverns where the bleakest and most urgent of lyrics meet the heaviest and moodiest musics, creating an oppressive atmosphere of plague-season misery and harrowing portents. 

furthermore, in honour of the glorious 12” vinyl hip hop singles of yesteryear, the digital release is presented with remix, instrumental and acappella versions of both tracks too, in order to further celebrate the true glory of this disturbing prospect. be sure to fix yourself a free download, or donate to the cause, as soon as time and inclination permits.

keep safe

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