Monday, 30 January 2012

welcoming a grey wilson

ladies and gentlemen, it is with much keen enthusiasm that we can announce to you the very latest addition to the decorative stamp family. as part of expanding our glorious english gloom brigade we now introduce you to buriers close companion and generally outstanding musical talent mr john robertson, aka a grey wilson.

an enigmatic figure indeed, john is something of a fine artist, turned musician, with a steady hand for a melancholic guitar line, a haunting vocal and a poignant lyric. we are delighted to welcome him on board and keen to present to you this first snippet of his material for your listening pleasure.

no dates have yet been set, but we are keenly anticipating a release in the near future, and shall hint that there will be a good chance of seeing him performing live alongside his band of buriers and native hundred comrades across the coming moons too. til then, 'like' him on facebook and check out his soundcloud... get involved.

keep safe and warm

decorative stamp

Sunday, 29 January 2012 - a 2011 alt-rap selection

delightedly, after much covert communications between the decorative stamp and camps, we can happily announce the release of their first compilation of musical treats, now available for free download... and how it features a whole host of splendid selections, including pieces from our very own band of buriers, papervehicle, iron filings and sellotape, AbSUrd and babel fishh.

collated by consistently awesome magali vannier and the mighty pierre the motionless, and featuring beautiful cover art by the masterful elise de brouwer, the album album is a joyous collection of songs detailed quite what was occurring within the scene across the length and breadth of last year. be sure to fix yourself a free download and get heavily involved as soon as time permits.

keep safe, be well

decorative stamp

AbSUrd - shadows of reindeer

with much jubilation, and after long weeks of building excitement, we can at last unveil this wonderful new video from the mighty bhopal, which he has seen fit to create for the wonderful AbSUrd and jamesreindeer collaboration 'shadows of reindeer', taken from the unrelentingly amazing album 'close to distantly', available now from the decorative stamp online store.

be sure to sit back and enjoy the psychedelic journey contained within these precious few minutes of glorious animation, for it is surely something very special indeed... and do be sure to secure yourself a copy of the aforementioned album, should the chance has thusfar eluded you... and do also be on the look-out for more news of further AbSUrd/reindeer collborations across the coming moons.

keep safe and warm

decorative stamp

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

a band of buriers - up the mountain

once again, may we delight in presenting to you another video from our unstoppable band of buriers. this time something rather special created especially for their lovely song 'up the mountain' taken from their self-titled debut release.

directed by the marvelous lico, already a close collaborator with the stamp, having previously worked on two exceptional murmur breeze videos, this new piece is another shining example of the fantastic talent therein. be sure to have yourself a look-see.

keep safe and warm

decorative stamp

Sunday, 22 January 2012

a native hundred - down to your hairs - coming soon

gentle readers, might we most joyously announce our upcoming first release of this shiny new year in the form of the astonishing new album from a native hundred, rhys jon baker of wild dogs in winter's staggering solo project. entitled 'down to your hairs' and coming on 20th february as a beautiful hand-crafted cd and for digital download, the album shall be a thing of beauty and is sounding equally wonderful indeed.

taking us on an extraordinary journey, the album leads us along an ethereal path through realms of post-rock, shoegaze, folk, indie and electronica, and features wonderful cello pieces from a band of buriers jamie romain, production work and field recordings from jamesreindeer and, of course, the incredible lyrical and vocal performances from rhys himself. be sure to start keenly anticipating the release and look out for some sneak previews across the next four weeks.

keep safe and warm

decorative stamp

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

a band of buriers - wide wings

what a great start to the new year we are off to. after reveling in the delights of all these accolades, we are now back at the grindstone, working hard on a whole host of new treats for you all... and what better way to begin than to sit back and relax to the sights and sounds of the new video from our bold island captains a band of buriers.

this time, they are performing a lovely new rendition of 'wide wings' for your musical pleasure. a rather nice ditty taken from their self-titled first release, now available for a 'name your price' download in the decorative stamp online store. be sure to have a watch, have a listen and generally get involved with all buriers-related activity.

keep safe and warm

decorative stamp

Monday, 9 January 2012

accolades 2011

well. here we are, all poised at the beginning of this shiny new year. we have a great many exciting plans, and a whole host of wonderful releases in the works for you, not to mention an all-round intent to continue to 'step up our game' to make sure that we are doing our very utmost to bring you the best possible artistic creations for your recreational pleasure... and what better inspiration than all the support, encouragement, enthusiasm and praise we received across 2011, and how, in the spirit of cherishing the kindness of others, might we make our first post of the year a joyous tribute to all the wonderful accolades bestowed upon us in 2011. so, please find below a list of all the marvelous gongs we recevied for our creative efforts across the past twelve months. it is an honour and a privilege indeed.


decorative stamp:



almost needless-to-say, we are still absolutely beside ourselves with all this kindness and appreciation for our works. it would be fair to mention that, even though the stamp began as a small excursion into musical freedom from the twin-james', we are wholly confident that we have assembled such an incredible family of talented artists whose work really does deserve such high praise and recognition but, even so, it is very much the icing on the cake to see each of our releases take flight into the world only to be welcomed with such kind care and good will.

so, here is to 2012 then... and what little hints might we offer as to what to expect next? well, there's been some murmurings here and there, much on the drawing board, and much noise being recorded in various safe-houses across the globe. still, to begin with, we are on the verge of completing the our first release of year which we can confirm to be the new album from the astonishing a native hundred, which is sounding quite frankly epic. also, something very beatufiul from thverfellshorn coming soon, the new album from a band of buriers, and jamesreindeer's long-delayed book are all slowly bubbling to the surface.

so, here's to the onwards and upwards then. once again, do allow us the opportunity to thank you kindly, once again reiterate how filled with gladness we are at all that has transpired, and how we simply cannot wait to start unveiling all that we have in store for 2012. be sure to keep checking back with us often and do keenly anticipate securing yourself some new decorative stamp treats, we promise we shall not disappoint!

sending all the love from the whole decorative stamp family

keep cosy and warm