Saturday, 31 December 2011

james p honey - a conclusion

so, this is it, gentle readers. 2011 is about to draw to a close, and what a year it has been. we really must say that we are absolutely over the moon with all that has transpired over here at decorative stamp. it's been quite the journey and how being able to bring you all these amazing releases and to receive such wonderful support and encouragement along the way has been an absolute delight. we've certainly been working as hard as we could these last twelve months, yet we shall still endevour to double our efforts in 2012 to bring you even more diverse and interesting music, art, film and literature. but what better way to say farewell to 2011 than to leave you with a special few words from decorative stamp high commander james p honey. captain honey has been murdering it all year, in desperate waves, and how it has been a pleasure to watch the madness unfurl. but, in managing to pin him down for just a moment, we were able to extract these splendid reflections from him on the last twelve months. ladies and gentlemen, mr james p honey.


James P Honey – Decorative Stamp. A conclusion. 26th December 2011

Boxing day 2011 and the air is hush as mute murmurations of dead starling. What a viscously big year for all things Decorative Stamp. How the feast has unfurled before us... all greasy flesh and glorious sheen. So many developments, so many releases and so very many artists... the head spins. I could easily list certain releases that have pulled me apart in delightful agony. I could also ample easily list releases that pieced me together again in subtle pleasure... but I want not to do that in this ‘annual crowning’ rant. Instead I wish to highlight the collective effort of an astonishingly talented group of artists. It is a beautiful thing to be able to run through the roster and be able to feel such respect for each and every one of the names. This collaborative family with such mutual love and understanding has now feathered her wings and leapt from the unkempt nest in to balmy winds of truth. Let us raise a tankard and gaze across the globe into each other’s eyes and toast the ascent into the New Year. 2012 is looking to be plenty exciting. 

This honest and warming plumage stitched lovingly to the wings of our Decorative Stamp is not a little bit due to the absolutely tireless work and dedication of my dearest brother James Reindeer. He really is the master behind the wheel of this creative galleon. I recall fondly the innocent days we spent together in South London where we unwittingly began the Decorative Stamp project... how it has now spun away from that humble start and into unprecedented realms. It is amazing to think. It really is. It wouldn’t be proper of me to not highlight again and again just how important James Reindeer is to the collective, to me as an artist and friend and to all of you that have worked with him in any capacity. He is a truth bomb. Indeed, without him at the helm Decorative Stamp would be a shadow of itself limping through the slew of sound. I thank you kind sir for the moments, both past and encroaching. It is an honour.

Tread well my brothers and sisters... Together we need neither wind on our spine nor shine on our brow.  Tomorrow we take the village hall.


from all of us here at decorative stamp, might we all wish you a very, very happy new year. here's to the next twelve months bringing us all closer to complete happiness and fulfillment in every possible way... and here's to the wealth of extraordinary music that we are sure shall be emerging from so many diverse corners as the winter slowly melts and leads us out into the thick of the futures grand promise. keep safe and well, do find time spent with loved ones, rest, food and cosy shelter, and here's to the onwards and upwards path for all of us... and, once again, might we thank you for your wonderful support and enthusiasm, the fuel which keeps us marching onward.

take care

decorative stamp

babel fishh - the recording process

still very much attempting to cling onto the holiday spirit, we are delving deeper into the vaults to unearth treats from 2011 which tickled us the first time and are well worth revisiting. so, to that end here is a rather lovely piece, originally posted earlier in the year by our maniacal 667 chewing machine of unutterable devastation babel fishh, struggling with faulty technology and obsolete machinery and ranting away with his ten most pressing issues regarding his recording set up. now, anyone familiar with the sound of his work will keenly notice that his artistic environment  does perfectly mirror what you would expect to find, having safely navigated the local meth-heads, burning cars in the driveway and unwanted vagrants on the front stoop. so, sit back and let us take ourselves to texas. ladies and gentlemen, mr scott huber, aka babel fishh.


it’s a lovely texas sunday indoors and i shall take a pinch of time to make a list of the ailments that plague my everyday creative areas. these said areas are pretty much just carved out corners of my parents guest room as well as their garage with my clutter of a life strewn about. this is partly a rant and partly a reminder that it may be time to finally upgrade some crucial components.

1. literally every single cord you own shorts out.

2. both inputs and output on the boss 202 are fucked, use the headphone jack as an output even if it’s fucked as well.

3. the receiver connected to one speaker that you have been mixing everything on no longer powers up. find an alternate way of getting another shit mix of what you do.

4. only one side of your dual tape deck works and it will only “play”. rewind and fast-forward are broken and it records at half speed because of all the cassettes it’s consumed and the amount of tape wrapped in its gears.

5. the boombox you have been using to make tapes because of the aforementioned tape deck being virtually useless will only power on if cord is pressed up against something. The power cord needs to be pried up and to the left in order for it to work.

6. mixer number one works except for the phantom power function and at times it likes to power off when it feels like it. (this can make for a greeeeeaat live show situation)

7. mixer number two won’t turn off on you but at times yelps an ear piercing hum when moved out of the perfect position. (this also makes for a wonderful live show situation)

8. your computer and the internet don’t get along and if you open more than one program at a time it will shut down on you. also, when error messages present themselves, just drag them to the side; everything works fine after that.

9. when using your headphones make sure to keep a roll of tape around because you didn’t fix the left earphone correctly last time.

10. the threads on the base of the mic stand are striped so when lifting, make sure to hold the base as well as the stand or it will come apart. last note: the mic connector is makeshift so you have to balance the mic perfectly or it will tip over.


reasurringly unsettling indeed. babel fishh has been absolutely killing it all year, having loaded us up with a whole host of cassettes and slabs of vinyl to sink our teeth into. still, should you be somewhat behind the curve at this latening stage, do be sure to make friends with him on facebook, bookmark his blog, stop by and buy stuff from his online shop, be sure to pick up his limited edition hand-made release on decorative stamp and keenly anticipate a whole raft of new releases as the new year slowly picks up speed. there are so many more grisly scenes on the speedily approaching horizon, stay home, stay safe, stay 667 and... keep your eyes and ears open!

1000 cleats to the skull

decorative stamp

Friday, 30 December 2011

dug yuck - top eleven

so, here we are. the day before new years eve and all is possibly pandemonium or tranquility, depending on where you currently stand. still, let us find a quiet center for reflection and gladly take in what shall probably be the last of the 'top fives' we have to present to you over this holiday period. we must say that it's been really nice sharing these jovial bits and pieces with you and therefore, what better way to bow out than to present you with an end of year list from our most highly treasured dug yuck. naturally, being something of a rogue element and a loose cannon, dug has seen fit to bless us with a top eleven, which seems most fitting indeed, and a wonderfully askew smile to cap off the proceedings.

all year dug has been treating us to a myriad of audio and video recordings of his latest musical excursions. it has been a troubled but eventful year for our favourite bard, and how we have born witness to the tragic lows and beautiful highs within his wonderful songs to most affecting extents. then, as the winter solstice reached us, the release of his amazing new tape, 'disembowelment of none's', gave us a perfectly cohesive whole with which to sit and meditate to, reflecting on the ills and loves of this modern world experience we all share. so, as further insight into the man himself, might we now present you with dug yuck's 'top eleven moments of 2011'.


dug yuck's top eleven moments of 2011

Dreams of a Farmhouse in the south (Kentucky or Tennessee)

hand-crafted ice cream. and french fries in Cleveland Hts, oh.

Now thats class
Get kicked out of every bar? Go to NTC and be a star.
Join the Mongo Pack today!
amazing venue for the lost and forgotten or the overlooked and unnoticed.
I'm a "norm" from Cheers at this place.

Nona Marie & The Choir so gorgeous, i'm moved to tears with every listen 

Dubb Nubb - following in the foot steps of First Aid Kit, these young girls from St. Louis Missouri have found harmonies even the most accomplished singers will never find.

Dish washing at dive diners
such a noble pursuit of humbleness is a job fit for the hungriest of musicians.

I've been using them as a healing tool for the chakras

shots of raw ginger from the jack lalanne juicer.

lost loves/ turning into new love

Returning home to Cleveland to live with my mother.

watching the roots of dec. stamp as a record label take hold.


so, there we have it. a vaguely cryptic, mildly esoteric, heartfelt, jovial and buoyant list from the big man himself. be sure to keep your eye on dug's blog, soundcloud and vimeo page, make friends with him on facebook, check out his online store, pick up the new tape, pick up the latest awesome pumpernickle cd, look out for the forthcoming goats gloom, keenly anticipate a possible european tour in the springtime, a sinister cover version, and a host of other happenings besides, as the new year shall give way to the onward path of the mighty dug yuck.

keep safe. keep 667

decorative stamp

nadia d'alò - top five

so, these are the last couple of days. 2011 slowly drawing itself to a close... and what a path it's been. still, we have just a little more time to reveal a couple more top fives for you, as well as a special message from our high commander james p honey to follow shortly. but for now, we turn our attention to decorative stamp's own dark horse, miss nadia d'alò. nadia has been busy behind the scenes all year with various activities for the stamp including providing beautiful vocals to the first band of buriers release and staggering field recordings and additional instrumentation for both the 'foreshore reverie' and 'close to distantly' albums from murmur breeze and AbSUrd, not to mention working hard on her own rather special soundpieces which shall slowly see the light of day a little further down the path.

so, naturally, since nadia is something of a connoisseur of fine musics, we didn't hesitate to persuade her to assemble a 'top five' for us, and how she gladly did indeed chose to list her top five songs of the year. it was going to be hard to predict quiet what she would select, as there have been a great many diverse sounds filling her headphones in the last twelve months, and how we naturally haven't been disappointed but rather have been provided with a storming and varied selection of treats to fill our ears with. something for everyone to be sure. so, without further ado, might we reveal nadia d'alò's top five songs of 2011.


nadia d'alò's top five songs of 2011


so, there you have it. a marvelous selection indeed. a few classics, a few new favourites, and something extra-special from some good friends... fine style for sure. now, be sure to keep your eyes and ears open for further activities from miss d'alò, be sure to make friends with her on facebook, swing past her old myspace to catch a much-loved old animation, definitely check out her radio station, and be sure to anticipate a wealth of treats, including a very special remix of a very special song from the decorative stamp stable appearing in the not too distant future. get involved.

keep cosy and warm

decorative stamp

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

AbSUrd. - top five

well now. how it has been a wonderful year for fans of the mighty AbSUrd. we've all been long aware of his amazing production skills, but have only previously had a few loose songs from compilations, a couple of seven inches and the 'bird irony' to sustain us... and then how this year he finally unveiled the astonishing 'foreshore reverie' as one half of murmur breeze and his own epic debut 'close to distantly'. now we are swimming in beautifully produced songs, carefully hand-crafted by the master himself, late at night in his remote compound, taking us on epic psychedelic voyages through distant intangible lands.

still, the man himself continues to remain something of a mystery, and perhaps rightly so. but all the small snippets of information which reach us carry with them further evidence of how special a talent is, how unique a talent he is, and how his vision is one which we shall continue to be enthralled by, long into his next wave of releases and beyond. gladly, an interview did surface this year, courtesy of the mighty dead magazine, and now, in submitting a 'top five' list to us here at decorative stamp, further insight can be gained into the creative mind of our most dearest family member. so, please find listed below the 'top five albums of 2011' from the mighty AbSUrd.


AbSUrd's top five albums of 2011:


so, do be sure to investigate the above releases thoroughly, for we can assure you that they all contain beautiful musical treasures, many of which are in perfect balance with the sounds coming from the AbSUrd stable. now, do be aware that, although we now have a wealth of AbSUrd material, you should probably start getting excited about the next wave of releases involving the man himself. without saying too much there are two further highly anticipated albums now in the pipeline. til then, make sure to bookmark his website, 'like' him on facebook, make friends with him and stop by his online store in case you are missing anything from his catalogue.

keep safe and warm

decorative stamp

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

evak - top five

well now, what can we possibly say about decorative stamp's own blue collar rap veteran evak? cleaver league champion, coffin cutter, one half of underground heroes work, papervehicle alumni, 667 to the core, devastating solo artist and live performer, scholar, working class gentlemen and all-round man of the people. one of good guys for sure. here at decorative stamp we've been aware of evak's work for some years now, and then when the call came with the possibility to embroil him within the thick stitch of the stamp, we absolutely jumped at the chance. since then, we simply haven't looked back. having a man like evak on your team is essentially and, whatever happens, we won't trade him for the world.

so, we managed to to briefly track him down during one of his insane 90+ hour working weeks and briefly sequestered him away from the heavy machinery, engine oil, turps and swarfega to extract some sage wisdom from his musical mind, and how he saw fit to furnish us with what he has titled his 'workingclassthreedaystarterkit', not one but three top fives with heavy sounds to accompany the first three days of your working week. be sure to have yourself a close read and definitely be sure to get involved with the sounds therein. evak doesn't  muck about, and you shouldn't either. get you work boots on, pack yourself a hearty lunch, and take to the street with evak's three times top five.


evak's top five - a working class three day starter kit

songs for the monday mornin' death march

songs for the gruel and lull of tuesday's unimpressive existence

songs for wednesday. the proverbial glass is half fuckin' fucked, fuck off!


so there you have it. no messing about, no frills and no swanning about like a dandy when there's work to be done. be sure to keep your ears open for more sounds coming from the evak stable across the coming moons, and be sure to 'like' him on facebook here, make friends with him here, check out his tumblr here, his bandcamp here, and keep an eye on the soundcloud page over here too... and without wishing to give too much away, keep your ears open for the twin devastation of the cleaver league and coffin cutters... you have be warned.

keep 667

decorative stamp

Monday, 26 December 2011

the butcher's wife - revisited

well, here we are. the day after the big event... and how we sincerely trust that you have all had a particularly relaxing and jovial time with friends and family, and that you have found some time to put your feet up and take stock of all that you hold dear, and know of all who hold you dear. things are particular quiet here and decorative stamp headquarters, and how we are just keeping cosy and warm and listening to some soothing songs as the sky slowly darkens.

so, once again turning our thoughts back to the marvelous achievements from the whole decorative stamp family across the last years, we are today turning our gaze back towards the beautiful video from our dear fiend mark payne which he created for the simply stunning 'the butcher's wife' from wild dogs in winter. now, whilst the wild dogs in winter are not strictly a decorative stamp group, we are beside ourselves with enthusiasm with our imminent release of two stunning solo projects from wild dogs rhys and luke in the form of a native hundred and thverfellshorn.

so, sit back and enjoy the melancholic beauty of this gloriously sad creation.

keep safe and warm

decorative stamp

Saturday, 24 December 2011

jamesreindeer - top five

so, here we are. christmas eve at last... and with the holiday spirit flowing thick and fast, might we briefly shine the spotlight in the direction of our very own commander in chief jamesreindeer for just a spell. not content with having worked tirelessly on the decorative stamp enterprise all year, as well as finding time to mix a whole host of albums, not to mention his efforts with our very own iron filings and sellotape, he is now keen to share with you his own 'top five' for the festive season. so, over to the man himself. then. mr jamesreindeer.


picking a 'top five' was initially pretty tough. so many possibilities to choose from. but since this is the decorative stamp, i knew it would have to be music-related really... and, this year, aside from all of the wonderful songs being created by the wonderful people surrounding me, i have on frequent occasion been escaping to the sounds coming out of KABL radio, san francisco. since as long as i can remember i have had a special spot for big band music, jazz, swing and the like. probably largely due to my dearest father extolling the the wonders of the glenn miller orchestra since i was but a young lad. so, please allow me to take a few moments to reveal my top five songs from another time.

although i do have distant recollections of this song from somewhere in my childhood, it was actually drawn back into my attention by the impossibly amazing adam curtis documentary 'the power of nightmares'. it turned out that this one particular song was playing when sayid qutb reached  his epiphany that all is wrong and corrupt in the western world. still, in a different mindset, i find it to be such a wonderfully warming piece, with glorious interplay between the two young protagonists, safe and cosy from the winter outside, whilst somewhat shyly drawing themselves closer. a truly beautiful arrangement, a perfect lyric sheet and the best possible performance. it does not get better than this.

again, another song from somewhere in the distant past, brought back into my consciousness by the moving image. this time taken from the much-loved david lynch movie mulholland drive. an absolutely sugar-sweet song detailing the reasons why this particular girl loves her particular boy. impossibly innocent and romantic indeed, and something so very far removed from the sexualised-ills of the modern pop song. a beautiful journey into a not-so-innocent past, but one which still held on to some certain simple charms since swept up in the mire of the modern meaningless experience. a lush arrangement, perfectly succinct and effortlessly delivered in finest style.

ahhh, it's too much. miss peggy just murders this piece; the first song from her first album, and it was all-business all the way from then on out. there are just too many amazing aspects to this song to even mention, her impossibly perfect voice, the incredibly observed lyrics, the deceptively simple, downbeat tone, the beautiful arrangement, the richness of the recording. not necessarily all hugs and smiles all over, but more a hymn for the disaffected, an old friend sharing a drink and sharing woes. can't go too far wrong there, to be sure. modern pop music curls up and dies in the face of it.

a song that initially grasped me sometimes in the late 1980's, i believe. as a little boy living in england, i would be sure of a friday night to sit down in front of 'top of the pops' on the BBC to take in the weeks pop hits and, for whatever marketing reason, this classic from miss cline had been re-released and gone straight to no.1, and how i was suddenly watching a vintage performance in glorious fuzzy black and white, slightly bemused at what was happening, but transported away by her perfect voice, performance and rendition of such a classic song. there shall never be a point where i am not ready to drift away to this beautiful masterpiece.

kind of cheating this one, in a way. in truth a recorded version of this song doesn't actually exist, and probably never will. but all year i have been treated to hearing nadia sing this old jazz standard around the house, in the street, in the park, by the lake. everytime she breaks into it spontaneously, i feel myself transported away to another world. such a beautiful melody, such simple but wonderfully evocative lyrics. it's a real favourite by all accounts and one that has been recorded by a host of jazz singers. be sure to find a nice, soothing rendition  for yourself, it does sound best when performed soft and slow.


so, there you have it. a wonderful selection of particularly soothing songs from our darkest, most-tortured genius. be sure to keep abreast of all jamesreindeer activities over at his own site, like him on facebook, make friends with him, and be sure to keep your ears open for a host of new releases in the new year, all stamped with his trademark production style and sinister vocals tones. there is still much on the horizon indeed... and, do be sure to have a lovely relaxing holiday period. we are sending you all peace, smiles and well-wishes collectively.

keep safe and warm

decorative stamp

interview with babel fishh

as well as very excitingly announcing decorative stamp as their label of the year, as well as placing three of our releases within their top ten albums of 2011, including awarding the top spot to our very own band of buriers, we are now over the moon to discover an interview with our very own chewing maniac babel fishh gracing their virutal pages as we speak.

part maniacal engine of chaos, part gentleman and scholar, captain babel fishh is oh so very dear to our hearts, and how all that he releases consistently knocks us sideways. so do be sure to have a keen read of his responses to the rather astute questions put in his direction... as well as being sure to take a few minutes of your time to witness an exclusive new song for your delectation.

keep 667

decorative stamp

Friday, 23 December 2011

jamie romain - top five

suave, is surely the only way to describe our near-legendary jamie romain. suave as hell. more suave than suave ben from blue velvet, minus the psychopathic homoeroticism. wherever he is right now, you can bet he's most likely swanning around in a cravat impressing the gentry with his stunning repartee. either that or chewing the hell out of his cello for a band of buriers, or a native hundred, or murmur breeze or sold out cyclone. near-legendary indeed.

so, we managed to track him down betwixt gala luncheon and black tie dinner engagement to press him for a top five of 2011. naturally, he did not dare stoop to disappoint, but rather gifted us with a most eloquent, impressive and fascinating list of his top five classical pieces of the year. lots to pool over indeed, much to be learnt but moreover much beautiful music to accompany our holiday period. so, over to the man himself. mr jamie romain.


In March I found myself a bona fide musician. Starting A Band Of Buriers with James changed my life completely - at the beginning of the year I had a full time job and music was something of an irregular pastime that I occasionally played around with. Now, I find myself exploring my musical heritage every day. My top five is a collection of pieces of classical music that I have stumbled across this past year. I hope that they provide as much inspiration for you as they have done me, or at least a magnificent backdrop to accompany all of your endeavours.

I also recommend, should you have the time, that you watch this TED talk by the conductor Benjamin Zander. It will change the way you listen to classical music forever.

The top five pieces of classical music that have
accompanied my 2011 read as follows:

When I was a child, my mother would put on classical pieces and tell my brothers and me stories with the music as a soundtrack. This piece invokes that memory for me but also, this particular performance is just so beautifully captured that it feels already like you’re watching a story unfold. I recommend you put this on loud, close your eyes and let tales of old unfold before you.

This piece is amazing - that just two people can do so much is impressive, but on a personal note, for me it perfectly sums up a year in which James and I have spent every day working to create something we believe in and are incredibly proud of.

I used to play in orchestras. I never used to practice and half the time I just pretended that I was playing. It wasn’t that I couldn’t do it, I think my ego simply wanted the attention and when surrounded by fifty other players, one tends to get lost in the crowd. This piece reminds me of the musical journey that has led me to appreciate orchestras from afar and join a band instead. 

As a cellist, Jacqueline Du Pre has always been something of a role model. This year I found this Offenbach piece, performed by her. It is delightful, it is powerful and it is moving. If you’re already weeping, it won’t help you stop. Better than any emo song you’ll find.

I went to see a friend perform with the London Symphony Orchestra in November. In the second half, they played this piece and it was one of the most amazing things I have ever heard. Sitting in the huge auditorium, I felt I was the only person that existed. If music moves you, this will make you question everything. 


so, there you have it. wise words from the classical center of the decorative stamp circle. be sure to keep your eyes open for jamie's activities with a band of buriers here, like them on facebook here, make friends with the man himself here, and be sure to keep your eye out for his latest astonishing appearance on the upcoming album from our very own a native hundred, coming on decorative stamp in late january. get involved!

take care

decorative stamp

dusty door knobs - revisited

in continuing to put our feet up and generally relaxing, taking stock of the year and reflecting, we are happily pooling over some past treats from our activities since the inception of the stamp, and today find ourselves once again mesmerised by the glorious murmur breeze video for 'dusty door knobs' directed by the marvelous lico.

pre-dating the 7" on cooler than cucumbers, and indeed the 'foreshore reverie' album itself, this little gem turned out to be the first hint at what immense creatives strides had been taken at the murmur breeze camp since they left us spinning with their original 'bird irony' release. do have yourself another viewing, it really is so very lovely. magical fairy tale times in the palms of our hands.

keep safe

decorative stamp

Thursday, 22 December 2011

a native hundred - top five

in getting into the holiday spirit, thinking about putting our feet up for a few days and the like, we thought that, here at decorative stamp, it would be nice to share some purely jovial content with you over the holiday period. to that end, some of the family have set about penning lists of some of their 'top fives' of the past year... and, first up, with have bold captain rhys jon baker aka a native hundred to entertain you with his 'top five songs to sing in the shower'. enjoy!



I love Senor Liddiard so very much and I tell pretty much everyone I can about him. And now I'm telling youse lot. He is the most lyrical singer I can think of. Every line is so articulate and effortless and I can only wonder at how the man remembers every line. Especially because I'm pretty sure the man is as much of a drunk as Pete O'Toole. Anyway he's a genius and it feels very liberating to me singing my heart out in his slathering, Aussie drawl, while I'm washing myself and gulping for air. 

I expect this song would be in a lot of people's lists this year for a great deal of reasons, but let's face it front on's a song with unbelieeeeevable tekkers. It's so schizo and I love singing along to it... It makes me feel like a girl. But because I'm in the shower that is a delusion that doesn't ever last very long. 

I go all out with this song, I even sing the sampled guitar loop and beatbox pathetically. I do my full on rabid, lip-curled-right-up, snarling Ice Cube impression to this. Which for a little white man who's never even been to LA, is pretty fucking great. This song has burned in me since I was 14. "Gotta sell ya food that might give you cancer, cuz my son doesn't take no for an answer" - Fucking CLASS

A depressing choice for some I'm sure, but I'm not one to weep in the shower. A gorgeous song and I was so glad to hear it on This Is England '88 the other night, even if overall I was pretty disappointed with this year's series. Lorraine walks and smokes, montage, Woody getting a shit storyline, montage, barely any inclusion of the other wonderful characters, Shaun punching well above his weight division, montage, Lorraine walks and smokes.

*Lorraine is known by another name but because it has become a popular abbreviation for 'laugh out loud', I refuse to write it. 

I never masturbate in the shower so this is the most embarrassing thing anyone can catch me doing in there. It is not a sight I would want to behold in any circumstance, so I'm sure nobody else would like to see it. I can't reach any of the notes and I'm pretty sure it involves some kind of pogo-jumping sometimes, which is dangerous for adults and children alike. So don't do it. It's a horrific confession to be honest but my soul feels all the cleaner for it. I'm not even sure that 'Firework' is the name of the song but given the lyrical content it seemed like a good option. 

*Side note - sometimes I don't sing, I hum in what I deem to be a tribute to French cinema soundtracks. Basically accordion and violin. Other times I just stand there with my hands behind my neck and watch the water streams glide off my elbows, while cursing in a Glaswegian accent.


be sure to check out a native hundred here, like them on facebook here and make friends with rhys himself right here... and, should you be in the dark regarding his wonderful music, be sure to have repeated listenings of the wonderful 'bear trap', taken from his new album, currently being mixed by jamesreindeer and due to emerge on decorative stamp, late january 2012. good times!


keep safe and warm

decorative stamp

iron filings and sellotape - album sold out

gentle readers, with much gladness and perhaps a small tear in the eye, we can announce that the limited edition 'amidst the grease and chaos' album from our highly mysterious iron filings and sellotape is now officially sold out in the decorative stamp online store. how we must extend great thanks to all of you who have secured yourselves a copy, we are so very grateful indeed.

we must also take a moment to extend our gratitude to all of you who have shown support, enthusiasm and encouragement for the project, we have been totally blown away by the response. there has been much clandestine communication with the iron filings compound, and how talk has begun of possibly preparing a further limited second edition. til then, the download is still available, just in case you need it.

again, many thanks to you all

decorative stamp & iron filings and sellotape

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

dug yuck - tape out now

finally, the winter solstice is upon us, and we can at last announce that the amazing new cassette release from our dearly-treasured dug yuck is now available for purchase direct from the decorative stamp online store.

entitled 'disembowelment of none's', it is a veritable tour-de-force taking us on a super-chilled, troubled, lost, soothing, mesmerising, stoner voyage through the mind of its chief protagonist. be sure to fix yourself a copy directly.

keep warm

decorative stamp

dh.106 revisited

since the holiday season is now ostensibly upon us, we thought it would be nice to spend a few posts bringing you some entertaining bits and pieces as well as revisiting some glory days now past, that there might be some extra treats to amuse you here during the quieter moments. to that end, why not start with an old favourite from the decorative stamp projection room vaults.

how it has been so very many moons since our twin commanders jamesphoney & jamesreindeer frightened and confused us with their debut collaborative release 'rough tongue surfaces', and indeed with their outrageously bizarre video for the mighty dh.106. let us once more revel in the unparalleled silliness therein, and rejoice that it truly is possible to be this peculiar within these modern musical environs.

keep safe and warm

decorative stamp

Monday, 19 December 2011

dug yuck - now streaming

in keen anticipation of its release in but a few days, please find the wonderful new tape from our very own dug yuck is now available to stream from the decorative stamp online store.

entitled 'disembowelment of none's', the tape is further clear testament to the songwriting power and heartfelt performance of the amazing dug yuck. have a listen and anticipate the winter solstice release.

keep safe and warm

decorative stamp

mesparrow - the symphony - reprise

by now we sincerely trust that you are already familiar with the astonishing 'symphony' from our dearest mesparrow. so please now discover perhaps the definitive video evidence of this musical masterpiece.

shot at théâtre d'orléans last october, this recording really does show of mesparrow's amazing live presence to the fullest. do be sure to have repeated viewings and anticipate catching her live as soon as you can.

keep warm

decorative stamp

Monday, 12 December 2011

dug yuck - disembowelment of none's

finally, as this long year draws to a gentle close, might we unexpectedly announce our final, immeasurably special release of the year, a highly limited edition cassette from our most treasured dug yuck, entitled 'disembowelment of none's', to be emerging on the winter solstice.

almost needless-to-say, dug yuck has been murdering us all year with his staggering collection of on-the-spot video and audio recordings, and finally, soon shall come the chance to procure a wonderful selection of compositions on glorious tape.

we shall say little more for now, other than to strongly, strongly suggest that you gather yourself together in keen expectation of securing a copy as soon as the solstice rolls around. it is truly something rather wonderful indeed.

keep warm, keep 667

decorative stamp

Sunday, 11 December 2011

jamesreindeer's favourite musical moments of 2011

since this long year is drawing to a close, we are naturally turning our thoughts to reflections on the last twelve months and all that has transpired. do be sure to anticipate a number of musings from the decorative stamp family regarding the facts in the case of the last year. but, to begin with we have some thoughts from our very own commander-in-chief jamesreindeer.

bold sir reindeer was generously invited to contribute some of his thoughts on his favourite musical moments of 2011 by the marvelous beats, breaks & big smiles as part of decorative stamp being chosen as their 'label of the year'. so, do be sure to have a good read right here, and keep your eyes open for more words over the holiday period.

keep safe and warm

decorative stamp

decorative stamp - label of the year!

with much gladness in our hearts, we can jubilantly announce that, after all our efforts and long toil over the last twelve months, decorative stamp has been chosen as 'label of the year 2011' by the awesome beats, breaks & big smiles. be sure to have a read of what has been said right here.

naturally, we are over the moon at this honour, and how it does fill our hearts with joy to think that our efforts would be praised so highly. so, a huge thanks to the mighty michael öhrnberg, a huge thanks to all of you for supporting us, and a huge thanks to our artist family for providing us with the best music possible.

keep safe and warm

decorative stamp

Saturday, 10 December 2011

mesparrow - the symphony

gentle readers, might we be so bold as to keenly draw your attention to some rather high quality video evidence of our very dear mesparrow absolutely murdering a rendition of 'the symphony' for your viewing and listening pleasure.

be sure to have yourself repeated views as there is much magic to be found within, and do be sure to keep your eyes and ears pealed for more mesparrow-related news into the new year. much is on the horizon for our superstar-in-waiting for sure.

keep safe and warm

decorative stamp

Friday, 9 December 2011

a band of buriers - conclusion 1

as always, our highly-treasured band of buriers have seen fit to film yet another storming live video featuring the full ensemble in all their dickensian glory, once again bringing funereal tones to the world from their undisclosed london, england location.

this time, see them unveiling a glorious rendition of the perennial favourite 'float', originally taken from the astonishing second murmur breeze album 'foreshore reverie'. be sure to have yourself a viewing session, and then another... not to mention staying poised for the new album, coming in the new year.

keep safe

decorative stamp