Wednesday, 28 December 2011

AbSUrd. - top five

well now. how it has been a wonderful year for fans of the mighty AbSUrd. we've all been long aware of his amazing production skills, but have only previously had a few loose songs from compilations, a couple of seven inches and the 'bird irony' to sustain us... and then how this year he finally unveiled the astonishing 'foreshore reverie' as one half of murmur breeze and his own epic debut 'close to distantly'. now we are swimming in beautifully produced songs, carefully hand-crafted by the master himself, late at night in his remote compound, taking us on epic psychedelic voyages through distant intangible lands.

still, the man himself continues to remain something of a mystery, and perhaps rightly so. but all the small snippets of information which reach us carry with them further evidence of how special a talent is, how unique a talent he is, and how his vision is one which we shall continue to be enthralled by, long into his next wave of releases and beyond. gladly, an interview did surface this year, courtesy of the mighty dead magazine, and now, in submitting a 'top five' list to us here at decorative stamp, further insight can be gained into the creative mind of our most dearest family member. so, please find listed below the 'top five albums of 2011' from the mighty AbSUrd.


AbSUrd's top five albums of 2011:


so, do be sure to investigate the above releases thoroughly, for we can assure you that they all contain beautiful musical treasures, many of which are in perfect balance with the sounds coming from the AbSUrd stable. now, do be aware that, although we now have a wealth of AbSUrd material, you should probably start getting excited about the next wave of releases involving the man himself. without saying too much there are two further highly anticipated albums now in the pipeline. til then, make sure to bookmark his website, 'like' him on facebook, make friends with him and stop by his online store in case you are missing anything from his catalogue.

keep safe and warm

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