Monday, 20 August 2012

throne burner - european tour

ladies and gentlemen. with great enthusiasm might we announce that, while babelfishh is still in the old world, he and jamesreindeer are in the process of assembling a hastily-put together european tour in celebration of the unveiling of the mighty throne burner project. dates will be limited but attempts shall be made to cover as much ground as possible.

stay tuned for more information, as things are only just now being cemented in place. but we can assure you that as many shows as possible will be booked, alongside a potential raft of other happenings and the like. til then, be sure to 'like' the throne burner facebook page and keep poised for imminent updates.

keep safe . be well

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Monday, 13 August 2012

white night - out now

finally, we can at last announce that the staggeringly wonderful debut release from our very own a grey wilson is now available as a highly limited edition hand-crafted cd of just fifty copies as well as for digital download in the decorative stamp online store.

lovingly handcrafted by john robertson himself, the physical release is a piece of sublime artistry in itself. be sure to secure yourself a copy as soon as time and funds permit, or fix yourself a digital download, should shear convenience be your paramount interest.

keep safe

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Saturday, 11 August 2012

white night - mini tour

ladies and gentlemen, might we jubilantly announce the most splendid occasion of the white night mini-tour from our very dear a grey wilson, in celebration of the ep release this monday right here on the decorative stamp.

should you be fortunate enough to find yourself in close proximity to any of the shows, be sure to get involved as they shall surely be wonderfully special performances indeed, and be sure to think about securing yourself a copy of the release as soon as time and funds permit.

keep safe

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Friday, 10 August 2012

white night - now streaming

gentle readers. might we happily announce that the staggeringly beautiful 'white night' ep from our very own a grey wilson is now available to stream in its entirety from the decorative stamp online store.

be sure to have extended listenings and keenly anticipate release of the beautifully hand-crafted, screen-printed physical release, coming this monday right here on decorative stamp. get involved.

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Monday, 6 August 2012

white night - coming soon

gentle readers, we can at last announce the debut release from our very own a grey wilson, entitled 'white night' and to be made available as a highly limited edition screen-printed cd of only fifty copies via the decorative stamp online store from monday 13th august.

a four song ep, the release is a thing of staggering beauty indeed, lyrically, musically, as well as in physical form. we strongly recommend that you start to let your keen anticipation build with a view to securing one of these very special treasures.

keep safe

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