Monday, 29 October 2012

isaac & honey - end the not is death - coming soon

oh, how the year is racing by and how we are slowly closing in on the end. still, might we reveal that we have a few more releases lined up before the final bell tolls, and how next monday shall see something very special emerge indeed. might we jubilantly reveal the release of the 'long-lost' and highly-treasured collaboration between our very own james p honey from a band of buriers and the mighty isaac ramsey, aka swordplay, from double rainbow, entitled 'end the not is death'.

how these two brave captains found themselves huddled together in the cold of the dawn of 2010 in london, england, and in that time managed to claw together a host of beautifully realised songs for our listening pleasure. these gems were initially recorded in a flurry of activity and then slowly assembled in carefully measured stages over the long moons, but are at last ready to see the light of day.

taking us on a magical journey where alt-rap and folk meet, displaying the fantastic lyrical, vocal and song-writing talents of these two masters of their crafts, not to mention featuring guest appearances from a band of buriers' jamie romain and the mighty edison. be sure to think about securing yourself a copy when the release date rolls around next monday 5th november. get involved.

keep warm

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Friday, 26 October 2012

mesparrow - next bored generation

with absolute delight and adoration, might we humbly present to you the utterly glorious new video from our most highly-treasured mesparrow, entitled 'next bored generation' and simply demanding your undivided attention and repeated viewings.

directed by pascaline blanchecotte, the video is another exercise in creative expertise and magnificent song-writing. be sure to get involved directly, secure yourself a copy of the digital single and let your anticipation steadily build for the debut album arriving in the new year.

keep warm

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Thursday, 25 October 2012

edison - delayed reaction elements

not content to ever sit still for any measurable amount of time, our most staggering edison has seen fit to unleash yet another album of stunning instrumental treats into the world, this time entitled 'delayed reaction elements' and featuring suitably spectacular covert art from the one and only mildew.

eleven new songs which take us on further magical journeys into the depths of edison's creative enterprise, all the while maintaining a wonderfully cohesive experience throughout. be sure to secure yourself a digital copy as soon as time and funds permit. sting!

keep 667

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Thursday, 18 October 2012

babelfishh - the king's horse

gentle readers. it is with heavy hearts that we can reveal that today, our very dearest babelfishh has returned to the new world on a flight bound for texas, after a little more than three moons of unrelenting terror in the pleasure of his company. to all those who managed to cross paths with him, caught a little performance or simply witnessed the mania from afar, might we re-kindle tender memories with this new video, captured in mainz-gonsenheim by the super-cool adrian woodhouse, featuring the musical delights of 'the king's horse' from his recent 'howl bender' cassette release on i had an accident.

so, be sure to have repeated viewings, be sure to fix yourself a copy of the tape and, should you be in the old world then let us huddle together in keen anticipation of his return, and should you be in the new world then, watch out! a home-coming show is already booked at avant garden in houston, and how there has been much late-night talk of where his reign of terror might take him next, with the possibility for a few unexpected surprises... but, we shall see. til then, might we all raise our glasses in toast of a truly unique man, an absolute one-of-a-kind, dear brother and the hardest chewer to ever walk the earth.

keep 667

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Monday, 15 October 2012

mesparrow - next bored generation - out now

finally, after long, long years of steady waiting and keen anticipation, we can at last announce the official debut release from our most-dearest, most-highly treasured mesparrow is at last upon us, entitled 'next bored generation' and available from itunes and a host of digital others.

collecting together a teasing selection of new compositions and remixes, the ep certainly does more than whet the appetite for the forthcoming album which should arrive next february. be sure to get involved, secure yourself a copy directly and bathe in the soothing radiance.

keep safe

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