Monday, 28 May 2012

a band of buriers - cello dub - out now

so it gladly continues. the anticipation for the upcoming new album from a band of buriers builds yet further with the release the second single taken from the album, in the form of the astonishingly affective 'cello dub', which sees the mighty buriers at their most hypnotically rousing, delivering a magically wonderous climactic piece filled with gloom and joy in equal measure. 

be sure to fix yourself a copy directly and begin to keenly anticipate the full-length album, entitled 'filth', coming july 10th on decorative stamp, not to mention having repeated viewings of the astonishing new video which accompanies the video, created by graeme turnbull and michael chapman of the mill, and featuring marvelous dancers from the step 2 dance school.

should of course for whatever reason still be slightly in the dark regarding our bold folk troubadours, be sure to bookmark their website, 'like' them on facebook, check out their youtube channel and swing past their bandcamp page too. much to see and hear indeed.

keep safe

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Monday, 21 May 2012

jamesreindeer - shallow pools - out now

gentle readers, might we happily announce that the debut spoken-word album from our very own jamesreindeer, entitled 'shallow pools', is now available as a limited edition hand-crafted cd as well as digital download direct from the decorative stamp online store.

one hundred poems collected together across ten tracks, 'shallow pools' is a splendid piece indeed, and each copy of the hand-crafted cd also contains one of the original one hundred unique hand-typed poems. be sure to think about fixing yourself a copy directly.

take care

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Sunday, 20 May 2012

mesparrow - street kid

dearest readers, should the chance have thusfar escaped you, we strongly suggest you have yourself a viewing of this rather awesome video of our very own mesparrow, as featured on the always-impeccable take away show.

naturally, marion absolutely murders her performance and, as always, leaves us wanting more. so, repeated viewing are suggested, and be sure to continue letting your anticipation build regarding the release of her major-label debut early next year.

keep safe

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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

jamesreindeer - shallow pools - coming soon

ladies and gentlemen. with much excitement might we reveal that our very own commander-in-chief jamesreindeer shall be releasing his first official spoken word album, entitled 'shallow pools' right here on the stamp next monday.

comprised of one hundred short poems, the album is an extraordinary collection of moods and tones, taking us through the darkly-reflective and heartfelt world which jamesreindeer has been carving out with his musical works these past long years.

each poem was originally hand-typed on high quality paper and, with the limited edition of one hundred cd's, each copy shall also include one of the original, unique poems, something rather special for the collectors indeed.

so, do be sure to think about having yourself a listen and perhaps even securing yourself a copy when next monday's release date rolls around. we can wholeheartedly guarantee that the release is something very special for sure.

take care

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Monday, 14 May 2012

jamesreindeer - helicopter gunships

might we most gladly unveil, in collaboration with the mighty knertz collective's icings blog, curated by the masterful adrian woodhouse, the brand new video of our very own commander-in-chief jamesreindeer performing an a cappella version of the iron filings and sellotape track 'helicopter gunships'.

shot in the dark of the winters slow creeping along the steadily bulding new year, this marvelous item at last sees the light of day in time to co-incide with a forthcoming announcement surrounding further facts in the case of iron filings and sellotape... be sure to get involved and stay tuned...

keep safe

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Monday, 7 May 2012

home - lone - out now

after what seems like the longest wait, we can at last announce that the astonishing solo debut release from home of papervehicle is finally upon us, entitled 'lone', and available to purchase as a highly limited edition cd and download from the decorative stamp online store.

ten songs taking us on a wonderful voyage into the world in which he creates with his music, the mini-album is a thing of triumphant splendour indeed, giving us the most fascinating insight into home's creative vision and allowing us to revel in the staggering beauty therein.

keep 667

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