Tuesday, 15 May 2012

jamesreindeer - shallow pools - coming soon

ladies and gentlemen. with much excitement might we reveal that our very own commander-in-chief jamesreindeer shall be releasing his first official spoken word album, entitled 'shallow pools' right here on the stamp next monday.

comprised of one hundred short poems, the album is an extraordinary collection of moods and tones, taking us through the darkly-reflective and heartfelt world which jamesreindeer has been carving out with his musical works these past long years.

each poem was originally hand-typed on high quality paper and, with the limited edition of one hundred cd's, each copy shall also include one of the original, unique poems, something rather special for the collectors indeed.

so, do be sure to think about having yourself a listen and perhaps even securing yourself a copy when next monday's release date rolls around. we can wholeheartedly guarantee that the release is something very special for sure.

take care

decorative stamp

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