Monday, 23 July 2012

order lost - out now

ladies and gentlemen, the time is at last upon us. may we finally reveal that the masterful 'order lost' album from our most enigmatic visitor is now available for download from the decorative stamp online store.

after what seems like the longest of waits, we are at last delighted that this fascinating creation is finally seeing the light of day. do be sure to investigate directly and fix yourself a copy should you so desire.

keep safe

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Friday, 20 July 2012

throne burner

gentle readers, storm warnings sound out across the old world, a cold wind blows as the dust-bowl shrouds the fallow fields. with some trepidation we can report that two of our most sinister 667 guild members, babelfishh & jamesreindeer have united forces under the banner of 'throne burner'.

details are scarce on the ground as this point, but be sure to stay shaking in terror for announcements of release news and shows coming soon. until then, make sure to find yourself poised in keen anticipation and try not to let the undulating waves of ongoing terror pierce too deeply.

keep safe

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Monday, 16 July 2012

order lost - coming next monday

gentle readers, as if by magic, we can announce that the long-lost 'order lost' album from our most enigmatic visitor will at last see the light of day this time next week. having been somehow carried away into unreachable realms these last twelve months,  we can so very gladly announce that it has been salvaged securely and will finally be available for download from the decorative stamp online store on monday 23rd july.

spanning nineteen songs, the album is truly a wondrous landscape of musical and lyrical oddities, which combine to form a heady, psychedelic brew that transports the listener into a calm and soothing world, where melancholic reflection meets sublime soothing vibes, and one that also allows room for myriad feature appearances including the likes of our very own dug yuck, oskar ohlson and many more.

so, might we issue our sincerest apologies in keeping you all waiting for so long, but we trust that time may only have piqued your interest in exploring the magical and mysterious DST.012 sure to think about fixing yourself a download this time next week, and stay tuned for other developments which may or may not occur over the following moons!

keep safe

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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

filth - album out now

at last. the wait is finally over. the astonishing new album from our highly-cherished band of buriers is now available as a lovingly hand-crafted cd and digital download from the decorative stamp online store.

spanning fifty minutes and taking up on a fantastically affecting journey, the album is something approaching a masterpiece indeed. do not hesitate to fix yourself a copy, but be sure to get involved directly.

keep safe

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Saturday, 7 July 2012

filth - the video

gentle readers, we are indeed fast closing in on the end. the highly-anticipated new album from our very dearest band of buriers will be released this coming tuesday 10th july... and what better way to celebrate than unveiling the third and perhaps most staggering video taken from the album.

celebrating the title track 'filth' in all its sumptuous dark glory, the video is quite the delight to behold indeed, although we would advise caution to younger viewers and the more senstive souls. the depths of love a dark place indeed.

keep safe, take care

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Monday, 2 July 2012

filth - album coming soon

gentle readers. the fervour has been steadily building, but at last we are closing in on the end. the highly-anticipated forthcoming new album from a band of buriers will at last be upon us on 10th july. entitled 'filth', spanning fourteen songs and over fifty minutes of music, it is a staggering masterpiece indeed, and one that shall surely be spilling out of myriad speakers as the summer reaches its apex.

should you also be a resident of london, england, you might do well to find yourself at the release party, to be held at rada studios on 10th july and featuring an extra-special performance from the buriers, as well as a few additional surprises. til then, be sure to revisit both the 'slides by' and 'cello dub' singles and attempt to contain your excitement as best as you can.

be well

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Sunday, 1 July 2012

the summer of our discontent

ladies and gentlemen, might we very excitedly announce the soon return of our dearest babel fishh to the old world, in anticipation of his extensive touring plans and brand new album release with our very own oskar ohlson and winterismyname, set to emerge on the highly-cherished knertz imprint a little later this summer.

be sure to keep your eye on the facebook event page for details of specific shows, anticipate a host more shows to be added as the summer progresses, start quivering in nervous anticipation of the forthcoming 'we'd rather not' 10" viny album release, and generally remain beside yourself in bewildered astonishment regarding their entire musical aesthetic.

still, might we also hint that there will be other fishh-related news over the coming moons too, most notably since this summer shall also see the long-awaited reunion between himself and our very own jamesreindeer too... no specific plans yet, other than the echoing shirll yell of 'throne burner' being chanted back and forth across the atlantic... all will be revealed.

keep safe, be well

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