Monday, 2 July 2012

filth - album coming soon

gentle readers. the fervour has been steadily building, but at last we are closing in on the end. the highly-anticipated forthcoming new album from a band of buriers will at last be upon us on 10th july. entitled 'filth', spanning fourteen songs and over fifty minutes of music, it is a staggering masterpiece indeed, and one that shall surely be spilling out of myriad speakers as the summer reaches its apex.

should you also be a resident of london, england, you might do well to find yourself at the release party, to be held at rada studios on 10th july and featuring an extra-special performance from the buriers, as well as a few additional surprises. til then, be sure to revisit both the 'slides by' and 'cello dub' singles and attempt to contain your excitement as best as you can.

be well

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