Saturday, 21 May 2011

a band of buriers - long dead

do take a few moments of your time to watching this rather stunning video of a band of buriers performing their marvelous song 'long dead' live onstage at la lune des pirates, shot on their monstrously successful 'chew and howl tour' from but a moon or so ago...

possibly shot by the outrageously talented elise de brouwer, or possibly by pierre the motionless or perhaps the mighty roma, the video is another masterful example of the kind of work which the buriers are up to lately... and do very much see this as a taster towards a whole raft of new songs which are in the process of being recorded as we speak.

and don't forget to bookmark the buriers website too, for all the latest developments

keep safe

decorative stamp

Monday, 16 May 2011

foreshore reverie - out now

finally, after more than two years in production, we can jubilantly announce that the second murmur breeze album, entitled 'foreshore reverie', is now upon us; available in a beautiful hand-crafted gatefold cd edition, as well as for digital download. nineteen songs seamlessly woven together to transport you on a maddeningly surreal journey through the psychedelic soundscapes and disorientating prose which abSUrd and james p honey both provide in ascending waves.

lovingly hand-crafted by abSUrd and jamesreindeer, the highly limited gatefold cd edition is a joy to behold. awash with glorious artwork by james p honey and abSUrd and brimming with additional treats inside, including an exclusive foreshore reverie collage by james p honey, full album credits, hand-printed decorative stamps and half a page from an unnamed work of classic literature in one of three different languages. time to jump in and secure yourself a copy directly!

the album is also available as a digital download from the decorative stamp online shop, and will allow you to procure yourself a copy in your choice of formats, along with additional digital treats in the form of hi-res scans of some of the inserts from the physical album, a few exclusive additional images besides, as well as a hi-res version of the video for 'float'. a marvelous proposition in this modern information age indeed.

act now and fall away into the spiralling beauty of the dream

Saturday, 14 May 2011

babel fishh - shirt/cassette/zine/patch combo

whilst not officially a decorative stamp release, we cannot help but strongly recommend that you fix yourself a copy of the brand new, insanely limited-edition babel fishh shirt/cassette/zine/patch combo package, handcrafted by the maniac himself and now available to order for an incredibly reasonable price.

this mighty package contains a 30 minute cassette entitled 'the skullinhanddemo' featuring re-working of old favourites caught between grind pieces and improvised segments. a 24 page 'zine of collage chaos, found imagery, captured imagery and random scrawls. a rather fetching black shirt with white print design sketched out by the immense lucien shapiro, and a small 667 patch too.

don't delay! place your order now! recline, and bathe in the chaos.


Sunday, 8 May 2011

foreshore reverie - now streaming

with immeasurable jubilation, might we announce that the brand new second murmur breeze album is now available to stream in its entirety right here. nineteen staggering songs from james p honey and abSUrd with contributions from mildew, babel fishh, jamesreindeer, michael rea, nadia d'alò and jamie romain.

officially released on the 16th of may as a highly limited edition gatefold cd with all manner of treats and inserts tucked away within, as well as a digital download, the album shall surely prove to be essential listening for all those interested in all things decorative stamp, 667 and weird-rap.

listen in now, and start preparing to place an order this time next week

keep safe

decorative stamp