Monday, 16 May 2011

foreshore reverie - out now

finally, after more than two years in production, we can jubilantly announce that the second murmur breeze album, entitled 'foreshore reverie', is now upon us; available in a beautiful hand-crafted gatefold cd edition, as well as for digital download. nineteen songs seamlessly woven together to transport you on a maddeningly surreal journey through the psychedelic soundscapes and disorientating prose which abSUrd and james p honey both provide in ascending waves.

lovingly hand-crafted by abSUrd and jamesreindeer, the highly limited gatefold cd edition is a joy to behold. awash with glorious artwork by james p honey and abSUrd and brimming with additional treats inside, including an exclusive foreshore reverie collage by james p honey, full album credits, hand-printed decorative stamps and half a page from an unnamed work of classic literature in one of three different languages. time to jump in and secure yourself a copy directly!

the album is also available as a digital download from the decorative stamp online shop, and will allow you to procure yourself a copy in your choice of formats, along with additional digital treats in the form of hi-res scans of some of the inserts from the physical album, a few exclusive additional images besides, as well as a hi-res version of the video for 'float'. a marvelous proposition in this modern information age indeed.

act now and fall away into the spiralling beauty of the dream

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