Sunday, 27 February 2011

murmur breeze - float

with jubilation, may we gladly unveil the astonishing new murmur breeze video for their mesmerising song 'float', directed by lico, and taken from their cooler than cucumbers 7" release and featured in an alternate version on their forthcoming new album 'foreshore reverie', to be released on cd and vinyl in a joint escapade from cooler than cucumbers and decorative stamp.

following on from the darkly beautiful 'dusty door knobs', this new reel lets us wander further into the echanting world which lico creates, shadowy and ethereal, populated with characters drawn with the delicate touch of germain schenkel. be sure to venture inside and wander deep into the murky waters, engulfed by the haunting melodies.

murmur breeze on myspace / facebook / decorative stamp / cooler than cucumbers

lico and his fantastic blog

the marvelous germain schenkel

Monday, 14 February 2011

six pack o' death - out now

ladies and gentlemen, might we very gladly announce that the mighty evak & edison's 'six pack o' death' ep is now available for digital download from decorative stamp, including high quality print-versions of the album art and 667 cleaver league logo.

six songs of unrelenting amazingness from the lethal combination conjured by evak's intense vocal efforts atop of edison's incredible musical soundscapes. something that really should be investigated, and subsequently procured immediately.

stay tuned for more news of the physical release too...

be well

decorative stamp

Friday, 11 February 2011

a band of buriers

might we boldly take this moment to officially announce the incredible band of buriers. where alternative folk meets alternative rap, as decorative stamp stalwart james p honey joins forces with the unstoppable jamie romain to create dark, acoustic compositions doused in beautifully futile prose, often accompanied by matthew romain on violin, mesparrow and nadia d'alò on vocals and jamesreindeer incorporating field recordings.

do take a moment to view this wonderful video crafted by the near-legendary shortfacedbear, featuring mr honey and mr romain performing a sterling rendition of 'woe', a staple favourite of those privileged few who have already had the chance of seeing the buriers take to the stage.

without wishing to spill out too much information at such an early stage, rest assured there will be much news to follow. recordings are transpiring as we speak, a website is being whittled together, live shows being booked, and much more besides. til then, swing past their myspace page, or have a wander over to shortfacebear's vimeo channel so see two futher videos to whet the appetite.

take care

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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

iron filings and sellotape - war report [salvaged reels]

terrifyingly, it seems that a second iron filings and sellotape short film has somehow managed to drag itself out from beneath the ruins of collapsed buildings.

allegedly compiled by jamesreindeer, the footage shows various troubling scenes and words, mixed with two clattering pieces of music from the depths of the projects tape machines.

do take the small moments of your time required to view this piece, as we are sure that there is always room for a little confusion and turmoil in an average day in the west.

keep safe, take care



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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

murmur breeze - flame like projection

it is with wide smiles that we can happily announce the brand new murmur breeze video for the brand new song 'flame like projection', taken from their forthcoming album 'foreshore reverie', to be released on decorative stamp and cooler than cucumbers.

Align Centre

shot by burke films, and featuring captain james p honey himself, whilst abSUrd's astonishing production spins the whole endevour completely into the psychedelic haze. let this be a warning shot across the bows as to what must be anticipated from their latest upcoming outing.

more news will follow



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