Sunday, 27 February 2011

murmur breeze - float

with jubilation, may we gladly unveil the astonishing new murmur breeze video for their mesmerising song 'float', directed by lico, and taken from their cooler than cucumbers 7" release and featured in an alternate version on their forthcoming new album 'foreshore reverie', to be released on cd and vinyl in a joint escapade from cooler than cucumbers and decorative stamp.

following on from the darkly beautiful 'dusty door knobs', this new reel lets us wander further into the echanting world which lico creates, shadowy and ethereal, populated with characters drawn with the delicate touch of germain schenkel. be sure to venture inside and wander deep into the murky waters, engulfed by the haunting melodies.

murmur breeze on myspace / facebook / decorative stamp / cooler than cucumbers

lico and his fantastic blog

the marvelous germain schenkel


  1. Thanks...Germain and me are crying as hell after readed that....we're too sensible i think....
    Greets from french dirty south...

  2. haha!
    you're very welcome...
    take the praise, you deserve it all!
    peace and love