Monday, 5 August 2013

jamesreindeer - landscape eternal - out now

might we gladly present landscape eternal, the second spoken-word release from our very own commander-in-chief jamesreindeer. collecting together sixteen pieces, woven seamlessly together as a whole, jamesreindeer takes us on a brief journey through distant lands, evoking moods of eerie unease and foreboding amidst a psychedelic landscape of strange sights and sounds. 

the release also contains a twenty-minute ambient soundpiece to accompany the spoken-word selections, to be used in conjunction with the words or as its own separate entity. a darkened drone-piece that crackles and moans under its own weight, and certainly a fitting companion to the ominous lines. now available for digital download and as an ultra-limited edition hand-crafed cd. get involved.

keep safe

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