Monday, 24 September 2012

throne burner - sky burial - out now

finally, with utmost trepidation, might we unveil the astonishing début single from our most sinister throne burner. a two-song tour-de-force into the darkest realms where alt-rap meets doom, grind and black metal influenced psychedelic invocations. 

throne burner have unleashed a grisly and forceful first wave of material into the world, bridging the caverns where the bleakest and most urgent of lyrics meet the heaviest and moodiest musics, creating an oppressive atmosphere of plague-season misery and harrowing portents. 

furthermore, in honour of the glorious 12” vinyl hip hop singles of yesteryear, the digital release is presented with remix, instrumental and acappella versions of both tracks too, in order to further celebrate the true glory of this disturbing prospect. be sure to fix yourself a free download, or donate to the cause, as soon as time and inclination permits.

keep safe

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Friday, 21 September 2012

filth - vinyl pre-order - now available

gentle readers, might we most happily announce that the pre-order is now available for the 12" white vinyl edition of the masterful 'filth' album from our very own band of buriers via the marvelous what a mess records.

take care

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Monday, 17 September 2012

throne burner - sky burial - coming soon

finally, after long, dark brooding hours spent in the blackened depths of some gruesome land, we can warily reveal that the official debut single from our very sinister throne burner shall shortly see the light of day. entitled 'sky burial' and featuring two staggeringly heavy, psychedelic and thoroughly disturbing compositions, the single is something of a devastating prospect indeed.

still, gladly consider this a warning shot across the bows, safe in the knowledge that we have a full week to prepare ourselves emotionally for the horrific onslaught that awaits. but, once you have gathered your full strength, be sure to anticipate securing yourself a copy of the free download coming next monday, 24th september. get involved.

keep safe

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Monday, 10 September 2012

babelfishh & oskar ohlson - we'd rather not - out now

gentle readers, might we most jubilantly announce that the brand new release from our very own babelfishh & oskar ohlson is now available as a limited edition 10" vinyl release of just 500 copies, 250 on black vinyl and 250 on white vinyl, via the almighty knertz collective.

entitled 'we'd rather not', and containing ten new staggeringly amazing songs, not to mention featuring vocal guest spots from the likes of filkoe, mildew, univac and winterismyname, along with a host of musical contributions from the extended knertz family. be sure to order yourself a copy directly.

keep safe

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Monday, 3 September 2012

a band of buriers - filth - white vinyl edition coming soon

ladies and gentlemen, might we most jubilantly announce that, in conjunction with the absolutely wonderful what a mess records, this october shall see the release of the limited edition 12" white vinyl version of the staggeringly affecting new album from our most highly-treasured a band of buriers.

coming 6th october and showcasing the album in a slightly alternate light with a reworking of the tracklisting, the release shall surely be something to treasure long into our golden years. be sure to remain poised for more details over the coming moon.

keep safe

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