Monday, 30 April 2012

home - lone - now streaming

gentle readers. we can now happily announce that the outstanding upcoming release from our much-loved home is now available to stream in its entirety over at the decorative stamp online store, in keen anticipation of its official release next monday 7th may.

ten songs drawing us up into the wonderful world which home creates with his music; something enchanting and unique, something which captures the might and majesty of the astounding papervehicle, but something that also creates a mood entirely of its own.

get involved, get 667

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Friday, 27 April 2012

edison - a cure for the case of the wealthies

might we briefly, and most excitedly, draw your attention to this wonderful new video for the edison song 'a cure for the case of the wealthies' taken from his recent fieldwerk recordings vinyl split release with lazerbeak, entitled 'kill switch'.

directed by wang newton and featuring edison's musical magic being given the full cinematic touch, be sure to have yourself repeated viewings, and seriously think about picking up the 12", should the opportunity have thusfar escaped you.

keep 667

decorative stamp

Monday, 23 April 2012

home - lone - coming soon

finally, after long months sworn to total secrecy, we can at last reveal that decorative stamp number twenty will be the debut solo release from the staggeringly talented home of san francisco supergroup papervehicle. entitled 'lone' and containing ten songs taking us on a fascinating journey into the world of home's creative vision, it is something truly wonderful to be sure.

not afraid to tackle the deepest aspects of the human experience, but from a perfectly humble standpoint, home helps us to explore the human condition in this strange modern world with timeless themes and concepts, whilst also warming our hearts with gladly reassuring symbols of the importance of the shared alongside the profundity of the isolated moments of meditation. 

soon to be available as a limited edition CD release, handcrafted by the man himself, as well as digital download; be sure to seriously think about securing yourself a copy, as soon as the 7th may release date rolls around. until then do have repeated listenings of the first glimpse in the form of 'author', and be sure to 'like' the newly-established facebook page.

keep 667

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Monday, 16 April 2012

slides by - single out now

dearest readers, today is the day. with much, much earnest excitement we can announce that the first single from the new album by our mighty band of buriers is out now, and available to download from a number of sources, including the decorative stamp online store.

a digital release, with the download also including a host of treats including hi-res cover art, additional imagery, glorious photography, lyrics and a few other bits besides. do be sure to fix yourself a copy, and keep it on heavy rotation in anticipation of the new album, 'filth', coming in june.

keep safe

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Sunday, 8 April 2012

slides by - single coming soon

so, after the staggeringly warmly received debut of the official video, might we follow up with the official announcement that the new single from a band of buriers, entitled 'slides by' shall be released right here on decorative stamp next monday, 16th april.

available as a digital download, the single shall also include hi-res versions of the cover art, additional artwork, lyrics sheet, as well as a few additional treats. be sure to fix yourself a download and press on into your keen anticipation of the new album, 'filth', coming in june. get involved.

take care

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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

a band of buriers - slides by

so it begins... the steady anticipation and excitement for the forthcoming new album from the mighty band of buriers starts today with the unveiling of their brand new video for the mighty 'slides by', the first single from the album to be released on 16th april.

a long-time favourite, 'slides by' displays the buriers at their most soothingly reflective, a beautiful piece presented anew with a gloriously matching stunning new video. be sure to have yourself repeated viewings and do keenly start to anticipate 'filth', the new album coming in june.

keep safe

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Monday, 2 April 2012

welcoming home

gentle readers. might we take this bold opportunity to announce a very special piece of news indeed. after the already wonderful event of the mighty papervehicle joining our ranks, not to mention the host of 667 cleaver league luminaries already within our number, we can, after some long moons of enthusiastic discussion, gladly reveal that the mighty home is now an official decorative stamper in a solo capacity.

almost needless to say, we are absolutely beside ourselves to welcome this awesome solo talent within our number. one quarter of the papervehicle family, brother to edison, outstanding cleaver-leaguer, coffin cutter, 667 to the core, an amazing individual, thinker and bard, and not least of all, a tremendous lyrical and musical talent. be sure to keep your eyes and ears pealed for news of forthcoming musics over the coming moons.

keep safe, be well

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