Monday, 23 April 2012

home - lone - coming soon

finally, after long months sworn to total secrecy, we can at last reveal that decorative stamp number twenty will be the debut solo release from the staggeringly talented home of san francisco supergroup papervehicle. entitled 'lone' and containing ten songs taking us on a fascinating journey into the world of home's creative vision, it is something truly wonderful to be sure.

not afraid to tackle the deepest aspects of the human experience, but from a perfectly humble standpoint, home helps us to explore the human condition in this strange modern world with timeless themes and concepts, whilst also warming our hearts with gladly reassuring symbols of the importance of the shared alongside the profundity of the isolated moments of meditation. 

soon to be available as a limited edition CD release, handcrafted by the man himself, as well as digital download; be sure to seriously think about securing yourself a copy, as soon as the 7th may release date rolls around. until then do have repeated listenings of the first glimpse in the form of 'author', and be sure to 'like' the newly-established facebook page.

keep 667

decorative stamp

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