Monday, 2 April 2012

welcoming home

gentle readers. might we take this bold opportunity to announce a very special piece of news indeed. after the already wonderful event of the mighty papervehicle joining our ranks, not to mention the host of 667 cleaver league luminaries already within our number, we can, after some long moons of enthusiastic discussion, gladly reveal that the mighty home is now an official decorative stamper in a solo capacity.

almost needless to say, we are absolutely beside ourselves to welcome this awesome solo talent within our number. one quarter of the papervehicle family, brother to edison, outstanding cleaver-leaguer, coffin cutter, 667 to the core, an amazing individual, thinker and bard, and not least of all, a tremendous lyrical and musical talent. be sure to keep your eyes and ears pealed for news of forthcoming musics over the coming moons.

keep safe, be well

decorative stamp

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