Monday, 26 March 2012

jamesreindeer - the complete czech republic field reports

gentle readers, as you may well already be very well aware, our very own jamesreindeer recently completed his first official tour of the czech republic and how last week saw him begin to post a series of reports on his exploits. a fascinating collection indeed and one detailing not just his musical activities therein, but also a host of other fascinating insights into his travels and the touring experience more generally.

so, yesterday saw his final entry in the series and how we are now in a position to suggest that, should you not have done so already, you might perhaps fix yourself a hot drink and sit back to digest the adventure in its entirety. be sure to follow the individual links below to each of the seven episodes, as well as being sure to swing past his facebook page and full blog for more updates.


jamesreindeer - field reports from the czech republic



keep safe

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