Monday, 16 April 2012

slides by - single out now

dearest readers, today is the day. with much, much earnest excitement we can announce that the first single from the new album by our mighty band of buriers is out now, and available to download from a number of sources, including the decorative stamp online store.

a digital release, with the download also including a host of treats including hi-res cover art, additional imagery, glorious photography, lyrics and a few other bits besides. do be sure to fix yourself a copy, and keep it on heavy rotation in anticipation of the new album, 'filth', coming in june.

keep safe

decorative stamp


  1. Just bought it, and got the first album while I was at it. Brilliant stuff. Looking forward to "Filth"!

    1. haha!

      nice one captain... sterling work indeed

      we are most grateful for sure : )

      and yes... filth!!!