Friday, 11 February 2011

a band of buriers

might we boldly take this moment to officially announce the incredible band of buriers. where alternative folk meets alternative rap, as decorative stamp stalwart james p honey joins forces with the unstoppable jamie romain to create dark, acoustic compositions doused in beautifully futile prose, often accompanied by matthew romain on violin, mesparrow and nadia d'alò on vocals and jamesreindeer incorporating field recordings.

do take a moment to view this wonderful video crafted by the near-legendary shortfacedbear, featuring mr honey and mr romain performing a sterling rendition of 'woe', a staple favourite of those privileged few who have already had the chance of seeing the buriers take to the stage.

without wishing to spill out too much information at such an early stage, rest assured there will be much news to follow. recordings are transpiring as we speak, a website is being whittled together, live shows being booked, and much more besides. til then, swing past their myspace page, or have a wander over to shortfacebear's vimeo channel so see two futher videos to whet the appetite.

take care

decorative stamp

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