Saturday, 14 May 2011

babel fishh - shirt/cassette/zine/patch combo

whilst not officially a decorative stamp release, we cannot help but strongly recommend that you fix yourself a copy of the brand new, insanely limited-edition babel fishh shirt/cassette/zine/patch combo package, handcrafted by the maniac himself and now available to order for an incredibly reasonable price.

this mighty package contains a 30 minute cassette entitled 'the skullinhanddemo' featuring re-working of old favourites caught between grind pieces and improvised segments. a 24 page 'zine of collage chaos, found imagery, captured imagery and random scrawls. a rather fetching black shirt with white print design sketched out by the immense lucien shapiro, and a small 667 patch too.

don't delay! place your order now! recline, and bathe in the chaos.


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