Sunday, 1 July 2012

the summer of our discontent

ladies and gentlemen, might we very excitedly announce the soon return of our dearest babel fishh to the old world, in anticipation of his extensive touring plans and brand new album release with our very own oskar ohlson and winterismyname, set to emerge on the highly-cherished knertz imprint a little later this summer.

be sure to keep your eye on the facebook event page for details of specific shows, anticipate a host more shows to be added as the summer progresses, start quivering in nervous anticipation of the forthcoming 'we'd rather not' 10" viny album release, and generally remain beside yourself in bewildered astonishment regarding their entire musical aesthetic.

still, might we also hint that there will be other fishh-related news over the coming moons too, most notably since this summer shall also see the long-awaited reunion between himself and our very own jamesreindeer too... no specific plans yet, other than the echoing shirll yell of 'throne burner' being chanted back and forth across the atlantic... all will be revealed.

keep safe, be well

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