Monday, 16 July 2012

order lost - coming next monday

gentle readers, as if by magic, we can announce that the long-lost 'order lost' album from our most enigmatic visitor will at last see the light of day this time next week. having been somehow carried away into unreachable realms these last twelve months,  we can so very gladly announce that it has been salvaged securely and will finally be available for download from the decorative stamp online store on monday 23rd july.

spanning nineteen songs, the album is truly a wondrous landscape of musical and lyrical oddities, which combine to form a heady, psychedelic brew that transports the listener into a calm and soothing world, where melancholic reflection meets sublime soothing vibes, and one that also allows room for myriad feature appearances including the likes of our very own dug yuck, oskar ohlson and many more.

so, might we issue our sincerest apologies in keeping you all waiting for so long, but we trust that time may only have piqued your interest in exploring the magical and mysterious DST.012 sure to think about fixing yourself a download this time next week, and stay tuned for other developments which may or may not occur over the following moons!

keep safe

decorative stamp

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