Friday, 29 June 2012

welcoming bill van cutten

gentle readers. perhaps it should come as no surprise whatsoever, as he is already deeply embedded within the decorative stamp family as one half of our very own radio disorder and one quarter of our very own sold out cyclone, but might we take this opportunity to gladly announce that bill van cutten is now officially a part of the decorative stamp family in a solo capacity.

by now you should already be aware of the supergroup that is sold out cyclone, featuring both jamie romain and james p honey from a band of buriers, the soon to be superstar mesparrow and sir bill van cutten himself, whose debut release 'dreamers are insomniacs' quickly sold out from the decorative stamp online store.

we imagine that you might also have had the opportunity to savour the wonderful sounds of the staggeringly beautiful 'unflowers' album from radio disorder in all its majestic waves of saturating glory, not to mention the very, very awesome video for the 'pressure' single.

so might we now suggest that you poise yourself in anticipation for a very special re-issue of his majestic 'depraved milk' album, as well as the publication of his first astonishing book of artwork. til then, be sure to check out more of his works and stay tuned for updates.

keep safe

decorative stamp

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