Friday, 15 June 2012

prison soup - coming this monday

gentle readers. with bold urgency, might we announce to you decorative stamp number twenty-three. a highly limited cassette tape and digital download from our very own 667 guild members babel fishh & evak, entitled 'prison soup' and featuring a host of staggering new compositions for your bewildered listening pleasure.

constructed in a remote location near dickinson, texas, and completed over a two-week period, the cassette contains nine spiralling songs, taking in a full half an hour of mesmering, chaotic, powerful, disorientating, driving sounds and words that wrap the listener up into an unforgettably hallucinatory experience.

hand-crafted by babel fishh himself, the cassette is a thing of beauty indeed, and shall be available as a limited edition of just one hundred copies, be sure to think about securing yourself a copy as quickly as you can. til then, enjoy the marvel that is the sound of 'no coast is clear'. get involved.


decorative stamp