Monday, 29 October 2012

isaac & honey - end the not is death - coming soon

oh, how the year is racing by and how we are slowly closing in on the end. still, might we reveal that we have a few more releases lined up before the final bell tolls, and how next monday shall see something very special emerge indeed. might we jubilantly reveal the release of the 'long-lost' and highly-treasured collaboration between our very own james p honey from a band of buriers and the mighty isaac ramsey, aka swordplay, from double rainbow, entitled 'end the not is death'.

how these two brave captains found themselves huddled together in the cold of the dawn of 2010 in london, england, and in that time managed to claw together a host of beautifully realised songs for our listening pleasure. these gems were initially recorded in a flurry of activity and then slowly assembled in carefully measured stages over the long moons, but are at last ready to see the light of day.

taking us on a magical journey where alt-rap and folk meet, displaying the fantastic lyrical, vocal and song-writing talents of these two masters of their crafts, not to mention featuring guest appearances from a band of buriers' jamie romain and the mighty edison. be sure to think about securing yourself a copy when the release date rolls around next monday 5th november. get involved.

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