Friday, 30 December 2011

nadia d'alò - top five

so, these are the last couple of days. 2011 slowly drawing itself to a close... and what a path it's been. still, we have just a little more time to reveal a couple more top fives for you, as well as a special message from our high commander james p honey to follow shortly. but for now, we turn our attention to decorative stamp's own dark horse, miss nadia d'alò. nadia has been busy behind the scenes all year with various activities for the stamp including providing beautiful vocals to the first band of buriers release and staggering field recordings and additional instrumentation for both the 'foreshore reverie' and 'close to distantly' albums from murmur breeze and AbSUrd, not to mention working hard on her own rather special soundpieces which shall slowly see the light of day a little further down the path.

so, naturally, since nadia is something of a connoisseur of fine musics, we didn't hesitate to persuade her to assemble a 'top five' for us, and how she gladly did indeed chose to list her top five songs of the year. it was going to be hard to predict quiet what she would select, as there have been a great many diverse sounds filling her headphones in the last twelve months, and how we naturally haven't been disappointed but rather have been provided with a storming and varied selection of treats to fill our ears with. something for everyone to be sure. so, without further ado, might we reveal nadia d'alò's top five songs of 2011.


nadia d'alò's top five songs of 2011


so, there you have it. a marvelous selection indeed. a few classics, a few new favourites, and something extra-special from some good friends... fine style for sure. now, be sure to keep your eyes and ears open for further activities from miss d'alò, be sure to make friends with her on facebook, swing past her old myspace to catch a much-loved old animation, definitely check out her radio station, and be sure to anticipate a wealth of treats, including a very special remix of a very special song from the decorative stamp stable appearing in the not too distant future. get involved.

keep cosy and warm

decorative stamp

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