Thursday, 22 December 2011

a native hundred - top five

in getting into the holiday spirit, thinking about putting our feet up for a few days and the like, we thought that, here at decorative stamp, it would be nice to share some purely jovial content with you over the holiday period. to that end, some of the family have set about penning lists of some of their 'top fives' of the past year... and, first up, with have bold captain rhys jon baker aka a native hundred to entertain you with his 'top five songs to sing in the shower'. enjoy!



I love Senor Liddiard so very much and I tell pretty much everyone I can about him. And now I'm telling youse lot. He is the most lyrical singer I can think of. Every line is so articulate and effortless and I can only wonder at how the man remembers every line. Especially because I'm pretty sure the man is as much of a drunk as Pete O'Toole. Anyway he's a genius and it feels very liberating to me singing my heart out in his slathering, Aussie drawl, while I'm washing myself and gulping for air. 

I expect this song would be in a lot of people's lists this year for a great deal of reasons, but let's face it front on's a song with unbelieeeeevable tekkers. It's so schizo and I love singing along to it... It makes me feel like a girl. But because I'm in the shower that is a delusion that doesn't ever last very long. 

I go all out with this song, I even sing the sampled guitar loop and beatbox pathetically. I do my full on rabid, lip-curled-right-up, snarling Ice Cube impression to this. Which for a little white man who's never even been to LA, is pretty fucking great. This song has burned in me since I was 14. "Gotta sell ya food that might give you cancer, cuz my son doesn't take no for an answer" - Fucking CLASS

A depressing choice for some I'm sure, but I'm not one to weep in the shower. A gorgeous song and I was so glad to hear it on This Is England '88 the other night, even if overall I was pretty disappointed with this year's series. Lorraine walks and smokes, montage, Woody getting a shit storyline, montage, barely any inclusion of the other wonderful characters, Shaun punching well above his weight division, montage, Lorraine walks and smokes.

*Lorraine is known by another name but because it has become a popular abbreviation for 'laugh out loud', I refuse to write it. 

I never masturbate in the shower so this is the most embarrassing thing anyone can catch me doing in there. It is not a sight I would want to behold in any circumstance, so I'm sure nobody else would like to see it. I can't reach any of the notes and I'm pretty sure it involves some kind of pogo-jumping sometimes, which is dangerous for adults and children alike. So don't do it. It's a horrific confession to be honest but my soul feels all the cleaner for it. I'm not even sure that 'Firework' is the name of the song but given the lyrical content it seemed like a good option. 

*Side note - sometimes I don't sing, I hum in what I deem to be a tribute to French cinema soundtracks. Basically accordion and violin. Other times I just stand there with my hands behind my neck and watch the water streams glide off my elbows, while cursing in a Glaswegian accent.


be sure to check out a native hundred here, like them on facebook here and make friends with rhys himself right here... and, should you be in the dark regarding his wonderful music, be sure to have repeated listenings of the wonderful 'bear trap', taken from his new album, currently being mixed by jamesreindeer and due to emerge on decorative stamp, late january 2012. good times!


keep safe and warm

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