Friday, 30 December 2011

dug yuck - top eleven

so, here we are. the day before new years eve and all is possibly pandemonium or tranquility, depending on where you currently stand. still, let us find a quiet center for reflection and gladly take in what shall probably be the last of the 'top fives' we have to present to you over this holiday period. we must say that it's been really nice sharing these jovial bits and pieces with you and therefore, what better way to bow out than to present you with an end of year list from our most highly treasured dug yuck. naturally, being something of a rogue element and a loose cannon, dug has seen fit to bless us with a top eleven, which seems most fitting indeed, and a wonderfully askew smile to cap off the proceedings.

all year dug has been treating us to a myriad of audio and video recordings of his latest musical excursions. it has been a troubled but eventful year for our favourite bard, and how we have born witness to the tragic lows and beautiful highs within his wonderful songs to most affecting extents. then, as the winter solstice reached us, the release of his amazing new tape, 'disembowelment of none's', gave us a perfectly cohesive whole with which to sit and meditate to, reflecting on the ills and loves of this modern world experience we all share. so, as further insight into the man himself, might we now present you with dug yuck's 'top eleven moments of 2011'.


dug yuck's top eleven moments of 2011

Dreams of a Farmhouse in the south (Kentucky or Tennessee)

hand-crafted ice cream. and french fries in Cleveland Hts, oh.

Now thats class
Get kicked out of every bar? Go to NTC and be a star.
Join the Mongo Pack today!
amazing venue for the lost and forgotten or the overlooked and unnoticed.
I'm a "norm" from Cheers at this place.

Nona Marie & The Choir so gorgeous, i'm moved to tears with every listen 

Dubb Nubb - following in the foot steps of First Aid Kit, these young girls from St. Louis Missouri have found harmonies even the most accomplished singers will never find.

Dish washing at dive diners
such a noble pursuit of humbleness is a job fit for the hungriest of musicians.

I've been using them as a healing tool for the chakras

shots of raw ginger from the jack lalanne juicer.

lost loves/ turning into new love

Returning home to Cleveland to live with my mother.

watching the roots of dec. stamp as a record label take hold.


so, there we have it. a vaguely cryptic, mildly esoteric, heartfelt, jovial and buoyant list from the big man himself. be sure to keep your eye on dug's blog, soundcloud and vimeo page, make friends with him on facebook, check out his online store, pick up the new tape, pick up the latest awesome pumpernickle cd, look out for the forthcoming goats gloom, keenly anticipate a possible european tour in the springtime, a sinister cover version, and a host of other happenings besides, as the new year shall give way to the onward path of the mighty dug yuck.

keep safe. keep 667

decorative stamp

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