Friday, 23 December 2011

dusty door knobs - revisited

in continuing to put our feet up and generally relaxing, taking stock of the year and reflecting, we are happily pooling over some past treats from our activities since the inception of the stamp, and today find ourselves once again mesmerised by the glorious murmur breeze video for 'dusty door knobs' directed by the marvelous lico.

pre-dating the 7" on cooler than cucumbers, and indeed the 'foreshore reverie' album itself, this little gem turned out to be the first hint at what immense creatives strides had been taken at the murmur breeze camp since they left us spinning with their original 'bird irony' release. do have yourself another viewing, it really is so very lovely. magical fairy tale times in the palms of our hands.

keep safe

decorative stamp

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