Monday, 12 December 2011

dug yuck - disembowelment of none's

finally, as this long year draws to a gentle close, might we unexpectedly announce our final, immeasurably special release of the year, a highly limited edition cassette from our most treasured dug yuck, entitled 'disembowelment of none's', to be emerging on the winter solstice.

almost needless-to-say, dug yuck has been murdering us all year with his staggering collection of on-the-spot video and audio recordings, and finally, soon shall come the chance to procure a wonderful selection of compositions on glorious tape.

we shall say little more for now, other than to strongly, strongly suggest that you gather yourself together in keen expectation of securing a copy as soon as the solstice rolls around. it is truly something rather wonderful indeed.

keep warm, keep 667

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