Monday, 26 December 2011

the butcher's wife - revisited

well, here we are. the day after the big event... and how we sincerely trust that you have all had a particularly relaxing and jovial time with friends and family, and that you have found some time to put your feet up and take stock of all that you hold dear, and know of all who hold you dear. things are particular quiet here and decorative stamp headquarters, and how we are just keeping cosy and warm and listening to some soothing songs as the sky slowly darkens.

so, once again turning our thoughts back to the marvelous achievements from the whole decorative stamp family across the last years, we are today turning our gaze back towards the beautiful video from our dear fiend mark payne which he created for the simply stunning 'the butcher's wife' from wild dogs in winter. now, whilst the wild dogs in winter are not strictly a decorative stamp group, we are beside ourselves with enthusiasm with our imminent release of two stunning solo projects from wild dogs rhys and luke in the form of a native hundred and thverfellshorn.

so, sit back and enjoy the melancholic beauty of this gloriously sad creation.

keep safe and warm

decorative stamp

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