Tuesday, 27 December 2011

evak - top five

well now, what can we possibly say about decorative stamp's own blue collar rap veteran evak? cleaver league champion, coffin cutter, one half of underground heroes work, papervehicle alumni, 667 to the core, devastating solo artist and live performer, scholar, working class gentlemen and all-round man of the people. one of good guys for sure. here at decorative stamp we've been aware of evak's work for some years now, and then when the call came with the possibility to embroil him within the thick stitch of the stamp, we absolutely jumped at the chance. since then, we simply haven't looked back. having a man like evak on your team is essentially and, whatever happens, we won't trade him for the world.

so, we managed to to briefly track him down during one of his insane 90+ hour working weeks and briefly sequestered him away from the heavy machinery, engine oil, turps and swarfega to extract some sage wisdom from his musical mind, and how he saw fit to furnish us with what he has titled his 'workingclassthreedaystarterkit', not one but three top fives with heavy sounds to accompany the first three days of your working week. be sure to have yourself a close read and definitely be sure to get involved with the sounds therein. evak doesn't  muck about, and you shouldn't either. get you work boots on, pack yourself a hearty lunch, and take to the street with evak's three times top five.


evak's top five - a working class three day starter kit

songs for the monday mornin' death march

songs for the gruel and lull of tuesday's unimpressive existence

songs for wednesday. the proverbial glass is half fuckin' fucked, fuck off!


so there you have it. no messing about, no frills and no swanning about like a dandy when there's work to be done. be sure to keep your ears open for more sounds coming from the evak stable across the coming moons, and be sure to 'like' him on facebook here, make friends with him here, check out his tumblr here, his bandcamp here, and keep an eye on the soundcloud page over here too... and without wishing to give too much away, keep your ears open for the twin devastation of the cleaver league and coffin cutters... you have be warned.

keep 667

decorative stamp

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  1. I'm speechelss and feel really, really out of touch.