Saturday, 31 December 2011

james p honey - a conclusion

so, this is it, gentle readers. 2011 is about to draw to a close, and what a year it has been. we really must say that we are absolutely over the moon with all that has transpired over here at decorative stamp. it's been quite the journey and how being able to bring you all these amazing releases and to receive such wonderful support and encouragement along the way has been an absolute delight. we've certainly been working as hard as we could these last twelve months, yet we shall still endevour to double our efforts in 2012 to bring you even more diverse and interesting music, art, film and literature. but what better way to say farewell to 2011 than to leave you with a special few words from decorative stamp high commander james p honey. captain honey has been murdering it all year, in desperate waves, and how it has been a pleasure to watch the madness unfurl. but, in managing to pin him down for just a moment, we were able to extract these splendid reflections from him on the last twelve months. ladies and gentlemen, mr james p honey.


James P Honey – Decorative Stamp. A conclusion. 26th December 2011

Boxing day 2011 and the air is hush as mute murmurations of dead starling. What a viscously big year for all things Decorative Stamp. How the feast has unfurled before us... all greasy flesh and glorious sheen. So many developments, so many releases and so very many artists... the head spins. I could easily list certain releases that have pulled me apart in delightful agony. I could also ample easily list releases that pieced me together again in subtle pleasure... but I want not to do that in this ‘annual crowning’ rant. Instead I wish to highlight the collective effort of an astonishingly talented group of artists. It is a beautiful thing to be able to run through the roster and be able to feel such respect for each and every one of the names. This collaborative family with such mutual love and understanding has now feathered her wings and leapt from the unkempt nest in to balmy winds of truth. Let us raise a tankard and gaze across the globe into each other’s eyes and toast the ascent into the New Year. 2012 is looking to be plenty exciting. 

This honest and warming plumage stitched lovingly to the wings of our Decorative Stamp is not a little bit due to the absolutely tireless work and dedication of my dearest brother James Reindeer. He really is the master behind the wheel of this creative galleon. I recall fondly the innocent days we spent together in South London where we unwittingly began the Decorative Stamp project... how it has now spun away from that humble start and into unprecedented realms. It is amazing to think. It really is. It wouldn’t be proper of me to not highlight again and again just how important James Reindeer is to the collective, to me as an artist and friend and to all of you that have worked with him in any capacity. He is a truth bomb. Indeed, without him at the helm Decorative Stamp would be a shadow of itself limping through the slew of sound. I thank you kind sir for the moments, both past and encroaching. It is an honour.

Tread well my brothers and sisters... Together we need neither wind on our spine nor shine on our brow.  Tomorrow we take the village hall.


from all of us here at decorative stamp, might we all wish you a very, very happy new year. here's to the next twelve months bringing us all closer to complete happiness and fulfillment in every possible way... and here's to the wealth of extraordinary music that we are sure shall be emerging from so many diverse corners as the winter slowly melts and leads us out into the thick of the futures grand promise. keep safe and well, do find time spent with loved ones, rest, food and cosy shelter, and here's to the onwards and upwards path for all of us... and, once again, might we thank you for your wonderful support and enthusiasm, the fuel which keeps us marching onward.

take care

decorative stamp

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  1. That's a great 'annual crowning' rant, sir, and how awesome it is to follow the birthing and growing pains and joys of this unique collective. May 2012 bring you all well-deserved bouquets, recognition, and rewards, continuing inspiration and flashes of brilliance.