Monday, 30 January 2012

welcoming a grey wilson

ladies and gentlemen, it is with much keen enthusiasm that we can announce to you the very latest addition to the decorative stamp family. as part of expanding our glorious english gloom brigade we now introduce you to buriers close companion and generally outstanding musical talent mr john robertson, aka a grey wilson.

an enigmatic figure indeed, john is something of a fine artist, turned musician, with a steady hand for a melancholic guitar line, a haunting vocal and a poignant lyric. we are delighted to welcome him on board and keen to present to you this first snippet of his material for your listening pleasure.

no dates have yet been set, but we are keenly anticipating a release in the near future, and shall hint that there will be a good chance of seeing him performing live alongside his band of buriers and native hundred comrades across the coming moons too. til then, 'like' him on facebook and check out his soundcloud... get involved.

keep safe and warm

decorative stamp

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