Sunday, 22 January 2012

a native hundred - down to your hairs - coming soon

gentle readers, might we most joyously announce our upcoming first release of this shiny new year in the form of the astonishing new album from a native hundred, rhys jon baker of wild dogs in winter's staggering solo project. entitled 'down to your hairs' and coming on 20th february as a beautiful hand-crafted cd and for digital download, the album shall be a thing of beauty and is sounding equally wonderful indeed.

taking us on an extraordinary journey, the album leads us along an ethereal path through realms of post-rock, shoegaze, folk, indie and electronica, and features wonderful cello pieces from a band of buriers jamie romain, production work and field recordings from jamesreindeer and, of course, the incredible lyrical and vocal performances from rhys himself. be sure to start keenly anticipating the release and look out for some sneak previews across the next four weeks.

keep safe and warm

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