Sunday, 14 August 2011

iron filings and sellotape - coming soon

ladies and gentlemen, might we most gladly announce that, after ten years in production, we can excitedly reveal that the first release from the mysterious collective iron filings and sellotape shall soon be upon us. twenty tracks taking us on a dark, psychedelic voyage through geopolitical spheres, buried deep within layers of tape noise, static and vinyl crackle.

iron filings and sellotape remain anonymous, but have close ties to our very own jamesreindeer, who has been responsible for compiling this material and guiding it through to the release stage... and finally, it is now available to stream in its entirety, both at the decorative stamp online store and jamesreindeer's own bandcamp page.

be sure to have yourself a listen and keenly anticipate fixing yourself a digital download or a copy of the highly limited physical edition upon it's release on monday 22nd august. get ready to fall away into the disorientating world of iron filings and sellotape. amidst the grease and chaos.

be well

decorative stamp