Monday, 1 August 2011

facts in the case of 'order lost'

dearest ladies and gentlemen. might we take this moment to speak in apologetic tones, to announce that very regrettably we are still unable to bring you the release of the mighty 'order lost' album from visitor. once again, it seems our plans have been scuppered in our attempts to furnish you with the musical treats therein.

the album has been on the cards for the longest while now, and how, beyond a shadow of a doubt, we know that is something that will appeal greatly to you all. still, the problem lies within the fact that captain visitor has sadly been unable to provide us with the hi-res masters of the album thusfar. everything else is go, we are just waiting on those files...

so, the moment that we take delivery of the aforementioned data, we will be able to get this beast finally online in the form of a marvelous digital download which we sincerely hope you shall be eager to devour. again, we are most apologetic for this turn of events, and can assure you that this sort of thing shall not happen again!

til then, have a listen to the awesome 'car vs. train' and please wait as patiently as we are

keep safe

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