Monday, 8 August 2011

welcoming papervehicle

gentle readers, dearest friends and fans one and all. might we take this opportunity to announce that we have performed what we consider to be our most impressive coup thusfar, in so far as, after some extensive behind the scenes activity, we can reveal to the world that the latest addition to decorative stamp family is none other than the unrelentingly masterful san francisco supergroup papervehicle.

to all those already in the know, be prepared to once again fall away into the impossible mastery, and to those just now seeing the light, do keenly anticipate unrelenting displays of musical and lyrical skills quite clearly beyond measure. edison, mildew, home and the beastmaster are a combined force unmatched within the genre, and are already collectively responsible for a host of indispensible releases.

for now we shall keep our intentions under-wraps, but be sure to keenly expect activity to be forthcoming as the autumn begins to envelope us. for now, as a wonderful reminder, or a perfect introduction, do have a listen to the classic '10,000 commandments', be sure to 'like' the facebook page and get ready for further news on the near horizon.

keep safe

decorative stamp

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