Monday, 22 August 2011

iron filings and sellotape - album out now

ladies and gentlemen. at last, the time is upon us. we can now jubilantly announce that, after ten years in production, the mysterious iron filings and sellotape collective's debut release is now available to purchase in both digital and ultra-limited cd editions from the decorative stamp online shop.

entitled 'amidst the grease and chaos', the album is a dark, psychedelic journey through geopolitical spheres, spanning twenty songs which take us on a precarious path built from salvaged loops, field recordings, radio interference and historical documents. it is a work of great disorientating power, hallucinatory depth and fragile beauty.

the ultra-limited physical edition is a delight to behold. presented in a high-quality envelope featuring the album artwork and containing, along with the attractively packaged cd itself, a host of additional treats including lyric sheets, credit sheets, a statement of intent, schematics of obsolete technologies, a page from a great philosophical work and an iron filings and sellotape sticker.

the digital release contains hi-res scans of all the album artwork, as well as a relatively-recently unearthed version of the disturbing 'war report [salvaged reels]' video. be sure to fix yourself a copy as soon as time permits. only fifty physical copies will be made available.

keep safe, be well

decorative stamp

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