Tuesday, 13 September 2011

a band of buriers - filth - tour & video

gentle readers, listeners and viewers. gladly we can announce two exciting developments within the band of buriers camp, both to be filed under the heading of 'filth'. much is afoot indeed.

firstly do have a view of the brand new music video from our splendid troupe of travelling bards. see the buriers marching mournfully through woodlands to the tune of their latest murder ballad.

secondly, be prepared to venture out into the autumn night, in order to catch the buriers on their latest european tour, taking in a host of shows as they spend the next few weeks spreading their musical strangeness far and wide.

so, much is happening indeed... and how there is yet much more on the horizon. keep your eyes and ears pealed for even more developments as the slow winter dark keenly approaches.

keep safe and warm

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