Monday, 19 September 2011

welcoming a native hundred

dearest, gentle listeners. again, we are taking the bold steps of expanding the glorious team of wonderful folk who make up the esteemed artists within our collective. this time, we can gleefully announce that we are welcoming the astonishingly beautiful solo project from the masterful rhys jon baker of wild dogs in winter fame, who records and performs his own dazzlingly melancholic material under the name a native hundred.

fans of wild dogs in winter, and indeed our very own thverfellshorn, should have a decent inkling of what to expect. but, for those of you not yet in the know, do keenly anticipate a beautifully fragile world where post-rock meets shoegaze meets folk, all the while bolstered by incredibly affecting lyrics delivered in the most sombre of tones. magically sad and saturnine songs, tinged with effortless moments of tender hope and liberal sprinklings of wry humour.
without wishing to give too much away at this stage, we still feel more than willing to announce that a glorious release is already very much on its way, as shall be a host of live dates on the horizon. till then, to whet the appetite as always, do have repeated listens of the tragically beautiful 'bear trap' as a very accurate indication of what is to come. in the meantime, be sure to like the facebook page and keep poised for forthcoming developments as the winter slowly sets in around us.

keep safe and warm

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